Windows 8
If you’re keen on checking out how Windows 8 works and you’re not too keen about watching yet another video – you’re in luck. Microsoft has released the official Windows 8 Developer Preview to the public. Now anybody can install Windows 8 on their computers and give the Metro user interface a spin. You can even install this on a Windows 7 tablet and give yourself a free upgrade – however there are some things you should know about this build.

It is a developer preview, so expect it to crash, operate incorrectly, and have no support for some of your hardware. And also, you won’t be able to uninstall it once you install it – so you should have a spare computer/drive to test it on, or know how to format your PC to restore your previous operating system. If none of that deters you from trying it out, head over to the Microsoft website to download the Windows 8 Developer Preview.

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