Windows 7 boot sequence
In addition to the 8-second boot up time that we previously mentioned before, Windows 8 is going to have a completely new boot experience. The days of staring at the POST/BIOS screen, watching the numbers move and cursors blinking, and watching the “Starting Windows” load screen will soon be behind us. Microsoft published a blog post explaining how they streamlined the whole process and made everything faster, in addition to some new details about the new booting experience.

Windows 8 will also be completely optimized to work with a touchscreen device – even when the operating system isn’t loaded yet. If you happen to require the use of a terminal on a Windows 8 tablet, you’ll get an onscreen keyboard for you to type with. All the menu choices that appear before the operating system starts up look user-friendly and much less intimidating than the text-based terminals we’re so used to seeing. Microsoft definitely is working hard on overhauling the whole Windows experience this time around. Check out the video demonstration:

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