NICT and JVC Kenwood have pitted their brains together to roll out the 200″ auto-stereoscopic Full HD 3D display that is touted to show video from 57 – yes, count ’em, 57 different angles! Basically, this means different people are able to walk right around the screen and actually see around corners or even better – behind objects.

According to a representative, this is what he had to say about this revolutionary new display, “This display lets you watch video from 57 different angles. And no matter which angle you’re viewing from, you can see a Full High Definition resolution image. With an ordinary display, the viewing range is basically around 180 degrees, but with this one, it’s 13 degrees, which is very narrow. But within that range, for example if you look from the right edge, and from the left, you can see the picture from different angles. So for example, if you’re looking at a square box, you can see the sides at well.”

It will require Incredible Hulk to move such a massive display – the entire setup will tip the scales at around half a ton, where a condenser lens works to focus light in order to create a sharp image, while a special diffuser film helps lower the horizontal diffusion angle so that a smooth transition is created between the different viewing angles. I can’t wait to see such a setup used for advertising purposes – it’d clearly blow the mind away.

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