Kenwood Unveils Three New CarPlay & Android Auto Head Units

#CES2019 – If you were to buy a new car, there’s a good chance that you might be offered more modern alternatives to the car’s infotainment system, such as Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto. However if you’re not in the market for a new car, not to worry because it looks like Kenwood might have some aftermarket alternatives.

Wireless Android Auto Will Finally Be Available This Year

You still need a USB cable to use Google’s extension of Android in the car, Android Auto. There are plenty of third-party units available that you can install in your car even if the stock infotainment system doesn’t support Android Auto. Google first talked about wireless Android Auto in 2016 but there hasn’t been widespread adoption. That’s going to change this year as Kenwood has revealed it’s going to release […]

Alpine Unveil New Wireless CarPlay System

[CES 2017] Carmakers are starting to include CarPlay and Android Auto options in their newer vehicles. However given that changing cars isn’t exactly the same as changing a phone or a tablet, safe to say that it might take a while before CarPlay and Android Auto systems make its way into the market.

Kenwood Android Auto And CarPlay Receivers Released

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a brand new car in order to get Android Auto or CarPlay in your vehicle, both Google and Apple are working with companies that manufacture aftermarket solutions. Pioneer was quick to roll out its receivers with both platforms and while Kenwood did unveil its receivers at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 it didn’t really provide a release date. The wait ends today.


JVC Kenwood GY-HM200 4K Camcorder: Eyes-On

Launched just days ago, the JVC Kenwood GY-HM200 4K Camcorder makes an appearance at Inter Bee 2014, a huge broadcast trade show in Tokyo. If you missed the initial launch information, this camcorder is designed to be relatively “affordable” (I say relatively because it’s still $3000 or so). I haven’t been able to test the video quality under controlled conditions, but the demonstration on-site was pretty convincing.

JVC Kenwood NX-SA5 clears the air as an iPod dock

So, you think that your swanky new iPod/iPhone dock is the next best thing since sliced bread and the creation of the wheel? Perhaps you might be right, but I am quite sure that the JVC Kenwood NX-SA5 cuts it pretty close. At first glance, you might be able to tell that this is an iPhone or iPod dock which comes in an elegant design that would find a place […]

Kenwood ODELIC glass speakers look modern

Speakers tend to be made out of wood due to its natural acoustic qualities. This however does not mean that other materials cannot be used, and Kenwood doesn’t think so either and has unveiled the Kenwood ODELIC SP0001 Glass Speakers,which if the name did not already give it away, is made out of glass, or to be more specific, the housing of the speaker is made from glass.

200-inch auto-stereoscopic Full HD 3D display from NICT and JVC Kenwood

NICT and JVC Kenwood have pitted their brains together to roll out the 200″ auto-stereoscopic Full HD 3D display that is touted to show video from 57 – yes, count ’em, 57 different angles! Basically, this means different people are able to walk right around the screen and actually see around corners or even better – behind objects.

Kenwood MG-G508 – just another portable music player

Kenwood has just announced the launch of their MG-G508 portable music player in Japan today. These sweet rugged looking devices look pretty interesting, especially with their striking colors contrasted against the black border and bezel around the screen. Though they won’t be taking over the place of the iPod touch that you own right now, these players do what they’re meant to do – which is play music. If you […]

Kenwood Launches CLX-70 iPod And iPhone Speaker Dock

Kenwood Japan is just launched its CLX-70 iPod and iPhone speaker dock. This designer speaker system uses DTS Envelo speakers and provides three-dimensional soundstage and is powered by a 30W amp. There are various connection options in addition to the 30-pin Dock Connector as you’re offered a USB port, SD card slot and a CD drive that supports MP3 files. The CLX-70 supports the iPhone 3G, 3GS and the iPhone […]

Kenwood AS-iP70 Digital Photo Frame Has An iPhone Dock

The Kenwood AS-iP70 digital photo frame might look like your run of the mill photo frame (albeit with a few more buttons), but it also sports an iPod/iPhone dock, which can be tucked away when not in use. The AS-iP70 supports memory cards and USB flash drives, and displays the pictures on a 7-inch WVGA (800 x 480) TFT display. An AM/FM radio with alarm function is also built into […]

Kenwood HDV-909DT All-In-One GPS

Kenwood has a brand new all-in-one GPS navigation system that will arrive in the Japanese market, where it will be known as the Kenwood HDV-909DT. What can you expect from this? Nothing groundbreaking, and yet more than enough to hold its own against the latest systems. Features include :- 7″ LCD touchscreen display at 480 x 234 resolution DivX, DVD, MP3 and JPEG support Built-in digital TV tuner 1Seg TV […]