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JVC 500-Series Connected Camera For Live 4K Broadcasting
Because the demand for live events keeps rising with highly challenging logistics, JVC introduced the JVC 500-Series 4K cameras that are designed from the ground up to improve live broadcast production efficiency.

JVC's New Rugged Camcorders Can Float
If you still like using camcorders to capture video even though everyone is using smartphones for the same purpose now, you might want to check out JVC’s new line of camcorders. JVC today announced two rugged, weatherproof camcorders that can float. JVC’s new Everio R camcorders promise all-weather features, five hour battery life, powerful optical zoom, and other advanced features that will enable users to “create unique videos that can’t […]

Alpine Unveil New Wireless CarPlay System
[CES 2017] Carmakers are starting to include CarPlay and Android Auto options in their newer vehicles. However given that changing cars isn’t exactly the same as changing a phone or a tablet, safe to say that it might take a while before CarPlay and Android Auto systems make its way into the market.

JVC CarPlay Receiver Now Shipping
If you have an old car that doesn’t come with a new infotainment system but you still want to have access to CarPlay there is a solution. Many in-car entertainment companies have created receivers that come with Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto installed and now JVC’s CarPlay receiver has started shipping. The promised KW-V820BT is JVC’s first aftermarket receiver that has support for Apple CarPlay.


JVC Announces Two New Pairs Of Bluetooth Headphones
Audiophiles might argue that wireless headphones aren’t good if you want to experience the best audio quality. This is because it is believed that because it is wireless, that somewhere along the way quality is dropped. However if you’re not too fussed and don’t think you can tell the difference, JVC has two new wireless headphones for you.The company has recently announced the HA-SBT5 Bluetooth on-ear headphones and the HA-EBT5 […]

JVC Unveils Headphones Designed Specifically For Kids
Giving kids a pair of headphones might not be the best idea. Not only can they potentially ruin them by being rough with them, but there is a chance that they can damage their hearing as they don’t know what volume levels are safe for them. Maybe they think it’s funny to have it blasting on full, only for it to have damaged their ears.The good news is that parents […]

JVC Kenwood GY-HM200 4K Camcorder: Eyes-On
Launched just days ago, the JVC Kenwood GY-HM200 4K Camcorder makes an appearance at Inter Bee 2014, a huge broadcast trade show in Tokyo. If you missed the initial launch information, this camcorder is designed to be relatively “affordable” (I say relatively because it’s still $3000 or so). I haven’t been able to test the video quality under controlled conditions, but the demonstration on-site was pretty convincing.

JVC Everio Rugged And Weather-Proof Camcorders Unveiled
[CES 2014] JVC today unveiled a new lineup of Everio camcorders that are immune to the elements. These rugged camcorders are water, dust, shock and freeze-proof, making them perfect companions to document your extreme adventures. Both models, GZ-R70 and GZR-10, feature JVC’s quad-proof structure which makes them water resistant up to 5m and able to withstand drops from as high as 1.5m. The camcorders will capture full 1080p HD video […]

JVC Unveils GC-XA2 Rugged Camera
Rugged cameras have their appeal, especially with the more action-oriented crowd who needs a device that will be able to withstand their rugged activities, such as skateboarding, kayaking, dirt biking and etc. Well if you’re in the market for a new rugged camera, JVC has something for you worth taking a look at. Dubbed the GC-XA2, this rugged camera will be part of the company’s ADIXXION series and should be […]

JVC MirrorLink Receiver Delivers Seamless Smartphone Control
JVC Mobile Entertainment, obviously a spin-off from parent company JVC, has just announced their MirrorLink receiver that offers seamless smartphone control as it will integrate your Android-powered smartphone to a JVC receiver, letting you enjoy an optimized driving environment. The new MirrorLink enabled In-Dash Multimedia Receivers (KW-NSX1, KW-NSX600, and KW-NSX700) for Android or Symbian smartphones have just debuted, where it will play nice with both the Samsung Drive Link application […]

JVC GC-PX100 Camera Is Designed For Fast And Easy Handling
[CES 2013] Japanese consumer electronics corporation, JVC, is showcasing its latest HD camcorder here in Las Vegas. Enter the JVC GC-PX100, a fast-moving action camera that, according to JVC, offers high bit rate progressive recording which delivers high resolution HD images and full HD slow-motion video. The GC-PX100 is capable of shooting full HD 1920 x 1080/60p video at 36Mbps. JVC says that this bit rate allows full HD slow-motion […]

JVC 3D HDTV wears the Smart TV mantle
JVC has just introduced their latest monster for the living room that will fall under the smart TV specification, where the 55″ JLE55SP4000 3D HDTV boasts of XinemaView 3D which will be accompanied by a quartet of battery-free 3D glasses, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet applications, a 120Hz CrystalMotion display, and a remote control that comes with more than just your regular buttons – it sports a QWERTY keypad to […]

JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION camcorder sports a tough image
If you are one who is always on the go and love getting involved in extremely rough and tumble adventures, and yet want to record the whole shebang without relying on something as fragile as Google Glass, then you might want to check out the latest action camera from JVC, namely the GC-XA1 ADIXXION camcorder. The JVC GC-XA1 ADIXXION puts its competition to the sword by offering a wide range […]

JVC Kenwood NX-SA5 clears the air as an iPod dock
So, you think that your swanky new iPod/iPhone dock is the next best thing since sliced bread and the creation of the wheel? Perhaps you might be right, but I am quite sure that the JVC Kenwood NX-SA5 cuts it pretty close. At first glance, you might be able to tell that this is an iPhone or iPod dock which comes in an elegant design that would find a place […]