We did mention yesterday that Alibaba is working on a Chinese iPad – not an Apple iPad that will run on the Chinese language, but rather, the Chinese version of the iPad, or a tablet of iPad epicness if you want to put it in a nicer manner. Well, the China-based company is also preparing on their second generation Aliyun-powered handset known as the W800 – which will be powered by a 1GHz processor and a Tegra 2 chipset.


Apart from that, very little else is known about the highly secretive W800, although I do admit that it does sound like some sort of Sony Ericsson Walkman device from the model number itself. The NVIDIA branding is there for all and sundry to see, and chances are the Aliyun-powered W800 will hit the market sometime before the month is over. Of course, don’t expect to see it anywhere else but in China, although I would say there would be a curious few who would have imported it over to check it out.

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