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Alibaba’s AI System Can Detect Coronavirus In Seconds With High Accuracy
So we’ve seen the use of AI in the medical sector where it is designed to pick up and detect things that humans might miss. Now it looks like that AI is being applied to the current pandemic, the coronavirus. This is thanks to Chinese tech giant Alibaba who recently developed an AI system that can detect the coronavirus in patients.

Apple’s iPhone Was The Top-Selling Phone During Alibaba’s Singles Day
Over the years, Apple has been losing ground to Chinese companies who have been successful at making phones at great prices, but also come with competitive specs and features. A good example would be Huawei who managed to beat Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone company.

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Sales Pulls In Over $20 Billion In Under 24 Hours
For the past few years over in China, various retailers in the country would celebrate what is known as “Singles’ Day” on the 11th of November (11/11). Given the amount of sales it generates, it has managed to garner the attention from the rest of the world, which in turn has resulted in retailers in other countries also adopting a similar sales.

Ford Has Made A Car Vending Machine With Alibaba
Ford is exploring new methods of selling you cars and for the past couple of years, it has been toying with the idea of setting up giant structures which are essentially vending machines for cars. Ford has set up its first vending machine with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, it’s the execution of a partnership that the two companies entered into about two years ago.


Alibaba's AI Beats Humans In Reading Comprehension Test
Artificial intelligence-powered computers have already beaten humans at board games like Chess and Go, they’re now capable of beating humans at reading comprehension tests as well. Alibaba announced today that its AI was able to beat humans in a global reading comprehension test. The AI has been developed by Alibaba’s research unit, the Institute of Data Science of Technologies.

Alibaba Wants To Sell Cars Through A Vending Machine
Vending machines are typically used to purchase things like drinks and snacks, but if you’ve ever been to Japan, then you know that the country’s vending machine game is next level. For example you can buy things like fruits, eggs, SIM cards, umbrellas, and more, so why not cars, right?

Alibaba’s Jack Ma Is Now The Star Of His Own Martial Arts Movie
What do you do when you are a billionaire and also the executive chairman for one of China’s biggest companies? We suppose with so much money and power, anything is possible, and interestingly enough Alibaba’s Jack Ma has decided that he would spend his time and money at creating a martial arts movie in which he would be the star.

Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Sales Beat Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales
November 11th became to be known as “singles’ day” in China about a decade ago. It was a tongue-in-cheek celebration of all the single people in the country. Online retail giant Alibaba turned this into an online shopping event back in 2009 and the rest is history. The sheer volume of sales that it generates will blow your mind. Alibaba’s Singles’ Day 2017 sales have almost doubled those from last […]

Alipay Lets You ‘Smile To Pay’ At KFC In China
It is widely rumored that for Apple’s next iPhone that it will come with a new form of security. Instead of scanning the user’s fingerprints, the next-gen iPhone is said to sport facial recognition which can be used to authenticate the user and potentially be used for services like Apple Pay. However it seems that Alibaba might have beaten Apple to the punch.

Alibaba Wants To Sell Cars From A Vending Machine
Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba wants to get into the vending machine game. However, the company isn’t planning on installing just another vending machine to sell chips and soda from. Alibaba actually wants to build a giant vending machine which it will use to sell luxury cars to customers in China.

Tmall Genie Speaker Is Alibaba's Echo Rival
It was reported just a few days ago that China’s online retail giant Alibaba was going to launch an Amazon Echo rival of its own in the near future. The company has made the official announcement today. Alibaba’s smart speaker is called Tmall Genie. The smart speaker comes with Alibaba’s own virtual personal assistant much like Alexa in the Amazon Echo.

Alibaba May Launch Its Own Amazon Echo Rival
The runaway success of the Amazon Echo has led to many other tech companies jumping on the bandwagon. While Amazon remains the clear winner in this space, they are all trying to get a piece of the pie for themselves. According to a new report, China-based e-commerce giant Alibaba is interested in launching its own Amazon Echo rival.

Alibaba Singles Day 2016 Sales Top $17.7 Billion
Singles Day is an online shopping festival in China that’s organized before Black Friday. It started out as a small online shopping festival but it has grown into a behemoth in its own right. Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has released the official figures for this year, it sold a record $17.7 billion in products on Singles Day 2016.

Alibaba Want To Bring Virtual Reality To E-Commerce
The perks of shopping online is that you have pretty much access to just about any store in a world that has a website. Granted some places don’t ship to certain countries, but barring that the world is pretty much your oyster. However the only downside that sometimes you miss out on the experience of shopping in a brick and mortar store, the ability to try on clothes, and so […]