So we’ve seen the use of AI in the medical sector where it is designed to pick up and detect things that humans might miss. Now it looks like that AI is being applied to the current pandemic, the coronavirus. This is thanks to Chinese tech giant Alibaba who recently developed an AI system that can detect the coronavirus in patients.

This new system relies on CT scans in which it will be fast enough to pick up on the coronavirus in a matter of seconds, versus the 15 minutes or so for humans to diagnose the illness. It seems to be pretty accurate as well, with Alibaba reporting that it has 96% accuracy. This means that doctors can safely use this system to diagnose the coronavirus in patients quickly and effectively.

In order to train the system, it was fed images and data based on 5,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in China. It also seems that it is fit enough to be used as it has been reported that at least 100 healthcare facilities in China are already employing the use of Alibaba’s AI system. Whether or not we will see that system find its way to other countries remains to be seen, although in the meantime, it seems that China, who is now recovering from the virus outbreak, has been sending doctors to other parts of the world to advise them on how to handle the situation.

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