The Germans are an efficient lot, and when it comes the quality of their automobiles, well Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi says it all, don’t they? The Swedish are also in with a shout for the safest car in the market, but when it comes to having the world’s most secure Android-powered phone, the Germans have it down pat after discovering a method to develop super-secure virtual “work phones” on Android-powered devices. Could this development drive another nail into Research In Motion’s (RIM) coffin? Hopefully not, considering I am rather fond of the BlackBerry’s keyboard, but you can say that this discovery is a threat to RIM’s position.

This new German project will allow Android phones to be significantly more secure when used for business communications, and this might just alter the way we use our smartphones. Known as Bizztrust, this project will create virtual “work phones” on Android smartphones, while using encryption inspired by BlackBerry to guarantee secure communications. Not only that, the new product will also feature the potential to usurp RIM considering the Canadian company has long touted security as a major selling point for their collection of BlackBerrys.

Basically, Bizztrust comprises of a modified version of the Android operating system, where it will separate all installed applications into different “work” and “personal” partitions. Seems to sound a wee bit like AT&T’s Toggle, don’t you think so?

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