Facebook has recently delivered a new inline translation feature on the quiet yesterday which relies on Bing Translate so that users are able to translate public Facebook Page content, including comments, into a language that they are able to understand. The new ‘Translate’ link will now make an appearance under a public page’s post, and whenever you click it, the post’s content will be translated inline to a language which you have previously specified under your personal profile settings.

Bear in mind that the translate link is “sentient” to a certain extent, where it will make an appearance only when the particular post is written in a different language. Should you want to revert to the original post’s language, all you need to do is click the ‘Original’ link and your eyes will see what was previously there.

Not only that, users in Korea, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong will also be given the option to suggest your own translation of post content. Should your suggested translations receive enough positive votes from other Facebook users, then human translation will oust Bing’s machine transcription.

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