To show the world that Google does listen to feedback of its users and take those requests into consideration, the Internet search giant has just announced that Google Reader, their online RSS reader will sport a totally new design – keeping in line with the majority of Google products and services, although the Gmail revamp is still in the works. Apart from a cosmetic change, it seems as though Google Reader and their own social network, Google+, will be brought together to forge closer ties.

Word is, a whole slew of Reader’s social features will soon make their way to Google+, so do not be surprised to find stuff such as friending, following and shared link blogs inside of Reader missing from next week onwards. According to Google, it is better for everyone this way – could it actually be a thinly veiled attempt to have more people sign up with Google+ if they haven’t yet done so already?

Nice to know that the Reader’s subscription export feature will also include your subscriptions, shared items, friends, likes and starred items.

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