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Google Reader to undergo changes next week
To show the world that Google does listen to feedback of its users and take those requests into consideration, the Internet search giant has just announced that Google Reader, their online RSS reader will sport a totally new design – keeping in line with the majority of Google products and services, although the Gmail revamp is still in the works. Apart from a cosmetic change, it seems as though Google […]

Adobe Reader for iOS finally available
We all know that Adobe and Apple do have their spats, never mind that they share the same first letter in their 5-letter names. While one of the major weaknesses of iOS devices would be the lack of native Flash support and playback (whom Adobe owns), it is nice to see such minor disagreements do not come in the way of the bigger picture. Adobe has just released an iOS […]

LookTel Money Reader app receives major update
Remember the LookTel Money Reader app we talked about back in March? In case you forgot, Money Reader is an app that helps visually impaired folks to count their money with the aid of their iPhones. Using the camera on the phone, Money Reader can recognize US bills placed in front of it, regardless of whether they are partially covered or folded. A voice will then read out how much […]


Scuba Divers use Sony Reader 300ft underwater
Ever used a tablet while you’re underwater in the middle of an ocean? Can’t say I have, but some folks do it on a daily basis especially professional divers like Mark Thurlow and Robin Jacoway. Since they go down to depths of 300-400 ft, they can’t immediately exit the water when they’re done collecting marine life samples – they need to spend time surfacing so that they aren’t affected by […]

Kobo develops HTML5 web app to get by App Store rules
Due to recent changes in the Apple App Store rules, many eBook retailers have removed in-app purchasing abilities from their apps so that they don’t have to give a portion of their revenue (30%) earned to the fruity company. Latest one to join the ranks of those apps was Google Books yesterday. However, some companies have found a way to get around Apple’s restrictions by offering in-app purchases through web […]

Barnes & Noble wants to help kick start your NOOK book collection
Interested in upgrading your eReader to a NOOK? Well, Barnes & Noble are giving you a good reason to do now. Starting this Friday (tomorrow), Barnes & Noble will be having a promotion where you can bring in any eReader into a Barnes & Noble bookstore to redeem 30 NOOK books worth $315 – provided you purchase a new NOOK reader as well.The promotion is available with the purchase of […]

New Wi-Fi E-Readers from Aluratek - Libre Air and Libre Touch
Aluratek has just announced the release of two new additions to its Libre eBook reader lineup. Called the Libre Air and the Libre Touch, these eBook readers now have WiFi support which will allow users to load new books into the readers without any wires.The Libre Air has a 5″ reflective light LCD screen that looks like paper, which eliminates flickering during page turns. It also doesn’t use any backlight, […]

Rookcase turns old books into functional tablet covers
While we’re all for going green, sometimes we can’t help but miss the feeling of holding a regular paperback or hardcover novel in our hands. Well, an Etsy artist named Heather Schnelle has come up with a solution – by hollowing out old books and turning them into cases instead. Designed to hold all sorts of tablets such as the iPad and Nook as well as eBook readers like the […]

Modern Reader: first Windows 8 app revealed?
Some screenshots of Modern Reader, a program supposedly designed for Windows 8 has surfaced on the internet, and shows off how it will look like on the operating system. The app that is said to be the default PDF reader on Windows 8 gives off a Metro-UI vibe, with its simplified designs and use of similar icons, which falls in line with previous reports we’ve heard about Windows 8 being […]

Scythe Karma Jr. multi-format card reader fits nicely into your 3.5" drive bay
Don’t you just hate those tiny memory card readers that you keep misplacing all the time, and you can never find them whenever you urgently need to load something from a memory card? Well the folks over at Scythe have come up with a solution in the form of a memory card reader that fits right you’re your 3.5″ drive bay on your computer ensuring it will never get lost […]

LookTel Money Reader helps the visually impaired count their money
A company called LookTel has come up with an app that will help visually impaired folks with their everyday lives. Called Money Reader, this app makes use of the iPhone’s camera to recognize any US bill held in front of the screen and announces in a clear voice its value. It works pretty fast, taking less than a second to finish scanning a note, and it can even recognize both […]

NoteSlate detailed website launched
The NoteSlate tablet that’s been designed to replace paper as a note-taking device now has a proper webpage that describes the tablet in complete detail. Its specs, how it works and more. The tablet packs a 13″ (760 x 1080) display that is similar to E-ink. It can be used for writing, drawing, and even as an eBook reader. It also has a mini USB port, SD card reader, a 3.5mm […]

Google gets into the subscription game with “One Pass”
Google has just announced the launch of a new web subscription model for publishers looking to distribute their content online. Called Google One Pass, this model allows users to have a single username and login for on subscription to access the content they’ve paid for on the service. Publishers who use Google One Pass will have more freedom over the kinds of subscriptions they can offer, i.e. day passes, pay […]

Apple explains why Sony Reader was rejected
Here’s an update on the situation regarding Apple’s rejection of the Sony Reader app. Apple has come forward with an official statement saying that Sony’s app was rejected on the grounds that it didn’t follow its policy concerning in-app purchases. According to the iTunes App Store guidelines, any app that has additional content that can be purchased elsewhere (i.e. through an online store) must have the option of buying content through […]

Apple rejects Sony Reader Store app
Looks like Apple is tightening its iron grip over the iTunes App Store. The big fruity company has been reported to have rejected Sony’s eBook store app – the Sony Reader Store from the iTunes App Store. The reason for the rejection was due to changes in Apple’s App Store policy – all in-app purchases will now have to go through Apple. It looks like apps that sell their own […]

Loan Kindle eBooks to your friends
Way back in October, Amazon announced that they will be adding the loan a book feature to Kindle. Looks like it’s finally here, while it’s nothing groundbreaking (Nook already has it) for what it’s worth, it’s a pretty handy feature. If you wish to loan a book to a friend, all you have to do is select it from your library, input your friend’s details and send your friend the […]

WikiReader Update Allows It To Access The Project Gutenberg Library
You might think that Openmoko’s WikiReader might be a little limited since it’s only capable of providing offline access to Wikipedia. Of course, that itself is a great feature, since you’ll be carrying around one of the most up-to-date Encyclopedias in the world, but many folks wonder if the hardware would support other applications. Now the folks over at Openmoko have released an update that allows you to access the […]

Humane Reader For Developing Countries Costs About $20
Getting computers into developing countries may not always be an easy task, as the cost is often a prohibitive factor. Now the folks behind the Humane Reader might have something on their hands, as it’s a small device that is capable of storing data that’s equivalent to about 5,000 books. Instead of bringing a device around with an integrated LCD display, the Humane Reader still needs the user to plug […]

Sony has no plans for a color e-reader
According to Sony’s Fujio Noguchi who oversees Sony’s e-book business in the capacity as a deputy president of the Digital Reading Business Division of Sony Electronics Inc., the Japanese consumer electronics giant has no plans to introduce a color e-reader anytime soon simply because the new Reader is doing exceptionally well in terms of sales, especially in Sony’s US online store – SonyStyle. As for the Reader Touch Edition, it […]