Google Reader Calls It A Day

Google will delete all user data permanently from Google Reader after July 16th.

Go Read, The Google Reader Alternative Developed By Just One Person

Go Read is a new Google Reader alternative that has been developed by just one person. Matt Jibson wrote all of the code for Go Read by himself.

Digg Reader Available On iOS Through Digg App Update

Digg Reader is now available on iOS through an update to Digg’s official application.

Digg Reader Launches In Beta

Digg Reader launched today in beta and will begin to send out more invites in the coming days.


AOL Reader Worth Trying As Google Reader Fades Out

After a few leaks, the AOL reader is now official. I’ve played with it over the week-end, and I find it to be quite interesting. First of all, Google Reader (which is closing on July 1) users will like the fact that the List and Panel “views” looks very much like Google Reader, except for the typography is arguably much better with AOL (not super-hard since Google Reader had “no” […]

Digg Reader Version 1 Launches On June 26th

Digg Reader version 1 will be launching next week, with everyone getting access to it by June 26th. Digg has revealed various features that this free Google Reader alternative will bring.

Facebook To Unveil New Product On June 20th

Facebook has invited the press to unveil a new product on 20th June. It is expected that the social network will unveil its own RSS reader.

Digg Reader Announced To Be Digg’s Official Google Reader Replacement

Digg announced its Google Reader alternative will be called Digg Reader.

Digg RSS Google Reader Alternative Beta Launch In June

Google Reader will unfortunately be shutting down in July, despite the fact that it still maintains a loyal following. When the news broke out, Reader users started looking for alternatives. There were many, and the once mighty Digg threw its hat in the ring as well. The folks at Digg said that they want to rebuild the best Reader features, which includes its API. Digg then unveiled several key points that […]

Yahoo Will Discontinue A Few Services Later This Month

Google recently announced its list of spring cleaning, the list contained names of services that the company was shutting down. This year’s spring clean took away Google Reader, which has a very loyal user base. Yahoo too is indulging in some spring cleaning, they’ll be shutting down several services by the end of this month. These include Yahoo Kids, Yahoo Deals, Mail and Messenger apps for feature phones and SMS Alerts. […]

Feedly Updates Mobile Apps, Adds New Features And Better Search

As soon as news broke out of Google Reader being shut down, the search began for viable alternatives. Feedly stood out among the rest, amassing over 500,000 new users in a matter of days. They’ve really been stepping up their game. Today Feedly updated its iOS and Android apps with a host of new features, which includes better search capabilities. The new search and discovery engine makes it easier to find […]

Digg Reveals Key Points To Makes Its RSS Reader As Good As Google Reader

Earlier this month, Google announced it would be discontinuing its Google Reader service with a petition on reaching over 100,000 in hopes Google would change its mind. As a result, a number of companies are scrambling to provide their own Google Reader replacement, with once popular news aggregator website, Digg, gaining the most attention. Digg didn’t reveal any details at the time as to what it plans to do exactly, but […]

Google Reader Shutdown Announcement Prompts Petition

Earlier this evening, the entire RSS world was hit with quite a tsunami of a news, that Google will be shutting down their Google Reader service from the beginning of July 2013. Clearly, there are millions of Google Reader users out there who are still numb from the announcement, but it is nice to see some folks taking up the pro-active approach and creating online petitions to ask the Internet […]

Google Reader To Be Discontinued On July 1

Moments ago, I opened my Google Reader to an ominous warning: “Google Reader  will not be available after July 1 2013”. Yes, that’s right: Google Reader is an awesome tool in my opinion, but ultimately one that failed to be successful enough to justify further development and support. To be fair, the service has been on the edge of the chopping block for a while, and deep down, I always […]