Internet search giant Google thinks that each time you use Google+, the experience should get better. Hence, they decided to introduce some improvements from time to time, and now they have rolled out “What’s Hot” on Google+, which is basically a new place to hang out if you are thirsty for some interesting and unexpected content.


With Google+ Ripples, you are able to check out how posts get shared across the Internet – I guess this has something to do with our innate curiosity to know just how a delicious morsel of gossip goes through the Internet and sparks off a frenzy of discussions and posts.

As for the Google+ Creative Kit, the name says it all – it allows you to enjoy more fun with your collection of photos, where you will be able to perform powerful edits in a fast and friendly manner without having to go through a computer science course to figure out how to make those wrinkles magically disappear.

Apart from that, the last surprise for the day would be this – Google Apps customers are now able to use Google+ – worldwide, without any exceptions. How about that for a little early Halloween gift?

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