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Google Is Planning To Make App Permissions More User Controllable
According to a report published by Bloomberg, Google is supposedly working on introducing the ability for users to manage specific app permissions on their devices. The company will provide the Android users to choose what device information can be used by an application. Users will be able to select their preference before downloading the app from Google Play.

Google I/O 2015 To Unveil Voice Access For Android Apps
Google I/O 2015 is around the corner and we have a slight idea about what all is going to take place at the much awaited conference, that includes range of latest wearables from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division. The event also holds the potential announcement of Google’s upcoming version of operating system succeeding Lollipop, dubbed as Android M.

Google+ Splits Into Google Photos and Streams
There is a new sheriff in town, Bradley Horowitz, a seasoned Google vice president of product has just announced via Google+ (of course), that he will take on the new lead position for Google Photos and Streams; two products the outcome of the Google+ splitting up.“Just wanted to confirm that the rumors are true — I’m excited to be running Google’s Photos and Streams products!” Horowitz said in a post […]

Google Apps Referral Program Offers $15 Per New User
They say sharing is caring, a quality often found in humans. If we find something amusing or interesting, most of us like to share it with our friends, family or people we really want to bring in on it. Google hopes that existing Google Apps users would spread the word about the internet search giant’s productivity suite, which will in turn bring more users. Its not just relying on worth […]


Google Drive Experiencing Ongoing Service Disruption
We’re not sure what’s been up with tech companies and their inability to allow users who rely on their suite of cloud-based services to get any work done to continually function properly as just a few weeks ago, Apple’s iCloud experienced issues for hours, and today Google’s Drive has been reportedly having issues.Fortunately, it seems the outages are intermittent and won’t affect all Google Drive users at this time, but […]

Google Stops Offering Free Version Of Google Apps For Businesses
Yesterday, it was an “unsubstantiated rumor.” But today, it’s becoming a reality. Google has announced new changes to its Google Apps for businesses. And our fears were finally confirmed, as Google will no longer offer a free version of its Google Apps for businesses, at least for new users. This means that Google is now offering a single option for businesses, and that is the premium version, which costs $50 […]

Google Apps stops support for Internet Explorer 8
Internet search giant Google has decided that their Google Apps cloud-based enterprise email and collaboration platform will no longer offer support for Internet Explorer 8, and when you read between the lines for that, it would mean you would be forced to make an operating system upgrade from Windows XP to something newer. In a way this is rather sad for the more melancholic among you, but then again there […]

Google to stop free accounts for Google Apps?
Do you think that Google is a generous company? After all, the Internet search giant did always enabled ordinary folks and users to have free access to Google Apps, their business-productivity product. In fact, you can have up to 10 users to own custom email addresses, calendars, contacts, Google Drive, team sites, and Google Docs in addition to being able to check out just what the Google Apps Marketplace has […]

Google+ updates
Internet search giant Google thinks that each time you use Google+, the experience should get better. Hence, they decided to introduce some improvements from time to time, and now they have rolled out “What’s Hot” on Google+, which is basically a new place to hang out if you are thirsty for some interesting and unexpected content.

Google Apps, Offline Edition
Google is pursuing its “everything web” endeavor and has just released new versions of GMail, Calendar and Google Docs that can work even when there is no internet connection (although Google Docs did have the feature on an ON and OFF basis). It’s great that Google is addressing this issue because networks are simply not always available, and this is the reason why “old” productivity apps like Microsoft Office or […]

Google Docs updated
Google’s internet office suite, Google Docs will be receiving some new updates that increase its functionality. Announced today, and rolling out over the next few days, the update will refresh the documents list – Google has added new filters that allow you to look for documents much more easily, as well as an option called Priority Sorting. Working similar to the Priority Inbox in Gmail, Priority Sorting automatically sorts your […]

Google Apps Downtime: Never Again
It looks like Google Apps is planning to overthrow offline solutions like Microsoft Office with their latest move – Google has just updated their contract concerning Google Apps and it looks like they will have no more downtime from here on out. Any downtime, no matter how small will be counted and applied to the customer’s agreement. Previously Google had scheduled maintenances but it was handled by transferring the work […]

Google Apps Gets Two-step Verification Security Measure
With many companies migrating their email and other services to Google Apps, the security of Google’s Gmail logins is becoming increasingly important. Until now, there has only been one level of defense, which is the user’s password. Now Google is doing something about it, allowing administrators to implement a two-step verification process that would require the users to login with their usual usename and password, and have a PIN number […]

Google Makes It Easier To Migrate From Microsoft Exchange To Google Apps
If you’re currently running Microsoft Exchange in your office and have been toying with the idea of migrating to Google Apps, but the pain of migration might have stopped you, Google has just made it easier for you to do so. The search engine giant has released a new migration tool that will help you migrate your company’s email, calendar, and contact data from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps. The […]