Hisense Android TVIn an attempt to make a smart TV even smarter, the folks over at Hisense Group have teamed up with eyeSight Mobile Technologies to integrate its innovative Hand Gesture Recognition Technology into its upcoming Android smart TVs. Using gesture connected TVs, users will be able to perform various functions by using intuitive hand gestures thanks to the TV’s inbuilt 2D camera.

No longer will users have to worry about losing the remote control – just by waving their hands or making certain motions they’ll be able to switch channels, adjust the volume and more. Users will even be able to play games using hand gestures a la the Kinect (though I doubt the TV will have games as fleshed out as those found on the Xbox 360).

No word of when the TVs will hit the market on this side of the world, but they will be demonstrated at CES next year.

[Press Release]

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