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LG Has Roku-Powered Smart TVs In Its Lineup
Smart TVs are nothing special these days, as we have seen major manufacturers take up the mantle in recent times, so much so that it can be rather difficult to pick a model to suit your needs due to the kinds of choices that you are flooded with. Well, LG has added more company to the party with their new range of Roku-powered Smart TVs that will sit in the […]

Google Play Movies And TV Coming To LG Smart TVs
LG today announced that it’s rolling out Google Play Movies & TV to owners to LG Smart TVs, this will enable them to access countless movies and TV shows via the Google platform in over 100 countries across the globe. It’s interesting to note that LG’s webOS smart TV platform is the first of its kind to support Google Play Movies & TV, the service is already available to iPhone and […]

Researcher Finds That Samsung’s Smart TVs Don’t Encrypt Voice Data
Many expect that Smart TVs could be the way of the future and how we consume content, but it seems that Samsung has come under quite a bit of fire recently over their Smart TVs, like their privacy policy (which was later amended), and how some users were discovering that ads were being inserted into locally-stored content.It seems that Samsung just can’t catch a break because according to researcher David […]

Samsung Curved Smart TVs Target The Hospitality Industry
When you go and stay at a posh hotel, you would expect it to arrive with all of the creature comforts away from home, topped with an unrivaled service, of course. Well, individual hotel chains have their strengths, and being entertained on the road is one particular requirement for some folks who need to unwind after a long day at work. Samsung intends to maximize your visual entertainment experience in […]


LG Reveals SDK For LG Smart+ TV Apps
Just like how a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so too, is a Smart TV as “smart” as the apps that run on it. You can have all of the hardware capability available, but if it is unable to be accompanied by the relevant apps to keep it going or to maximize its potential, then it is all for naught. LG has then taken the step […]

LG Smart+ TVs: One Million Sold And Counting
According to the good people over at LG Electronics, the South Korean company has sold more than a million units of the webOS-enabled Smart+ TVs ever since the range was launched earlier this March, which is quite an achievement when you think about it considering not everyone has the means to upgrade their TV after having done so recently. In fact, LG hopes to be able to breach the 10 […]

UK Retailer John Lewis Announces Their Lineup Of Smart TVs
Nowadays we’re starting to see retailers starting to offer up their own brand of electronics. Brands like Tesco have launched their own tablets and have recently announced plans for their own brand of smartphones as well, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that UK departmental store, John Lewis, has recently announced their own brand of Smart TVs.The company has recently announced their JL9000 series of […]

Samsung Stops Selling Paid Applications Through Smart TVs
Samsung has announced that it is no longer going to distribute paid applications through its smart TVs and connected Blu-ray platforms. The company notified users of this change through an email. It is also issuing refunds to customers who had already bought paid utilities through its smart TV platform. Samsung gave no reason as to why it felt the need to stop selling paid applications through smart TVs.

Satechi Smart TV Box Announced
The new Satechi Smart TV Box has just been announced and is available to those who are interested, where it is being touted to stream digital media onto their respective TVs. This Smart Box from Satechi will run on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, where users will be free to download apps from the Google Play Store as well as stream movies, in addition to performing other tasks […]

Yahoo Smart TV Introduced
[CES 2014] CES 2014 has been an eventful time for many of us, and this week, there was the introduction of the Yahoo Smart TV, which happens to be the next evolution of Yahoo’s Connected TV platform that is currently being used in millions of households today. Considering that the modern day person has so many choices available on your TV that range from traditional channels, to Video On Demand, […]

VIZIO Announces P-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV Range
[CES 2014] Vizio, the folks behind reasonably priced TVs that offer plenty of bang for your hard earned buck, has just announced that they will be offering the P-Series which is touted to be the “most complete Ultra HD solution”, where it will boast of advanced picture quality, powerful performance and a beautifully simple Ultra HD experience that will hopefully deliver what consumers would like to see in a Smart […]

Samsung 2014 Smart TVs Will Get Enhanced Features
The age of smart TVs is upon us with a number of major manufacturers already having thrown their hats in the ring. Samsung is one of the companies that has a major presence in the smart TV market and it is due to make a number of related announcements at the CES 2014 next month. The company has announced that its 2014 smart TVs will come with enhanced features that […]

Spotify Coming To LG Smart TVs In Over 30 Countries Very Soon
Spotify announced last week they would be offering an ad-supported version of its popular music streaming service on mobile devices, but it seems that’s not the only bit of good news they had for us this month. LG Smart TV owners will be getting Spotify as LG says it will be making its dedicated app available to all 2013 model Smart TVs, although the service will only be available to premium […]

LG Smart TV Firmware Update Will Prevent It From Spying
Recently it was discovered by an IT consultant based across the pond that his LG smart TV was collecting data about his activity, such the channels he watches and the devices that are attached to his smart TV. It is presumed that the TVs do this to better craft ads for each individual user based on their viewing habits. Huntley dug around and discovered a “Collection of watching info” option […]

LG Investigating Claims Of Spying Smart TVs
Don’t you just hate it when your smart TV spies on you? Wait, what? According to a blogby a UK IT consultant, Jason Huntley, it seems that he has discovered that his LG smart TV is actually spying on him, and are sending data about him and what kind of channels that he watches. On top of that, it seems that the TV was also sending data about what sort […]

Xiaomi Launches 47 Inch 3D Smart TV Which Costs Under $500
Xiaomi is a Chinese company. Even though it is quite popular in its home country, its smartphones sold out the iPhone, it doesn’t have much reach outside the country’s borders, particularly in the West. That might be about to change though, since Xiaomi poached former Google Android executive Hugo Barra to head its growth in the international market. The company has launched a new “smart TV” which touts impressive specs […]

Panasonic Smart VIERA WT600 Is Now Official
Remember yesterday when we talked about how Panasonic’s Smart VIERA WT600 TV leaked before the official announcement? Well, it did not take too long for us to wait until Panasonic officially announced what is the world’s first Ultra HD TV with 4K2 60p input, where it has been designed to be based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2a specifications. This would mean your audiences’ eyes (and yours, of course) would […]

VIZIO Next Generation Smart TV Platform Unveiled
I am quite sure that many of us have come to know VIZIO as a company that dishes out plenty of bang for your hard earned buck when it comes to their TV range. Well, this time around, VIZIO decided to announce the availability of its all-new connected platform, where it has been dubbed as the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus. VIZIO Internet Apps Plus will merge a best-in-class connected TV […]

Smart TV Could Spy On You
Do you think that with the massive jumps that technology has made over the past years, we seem to live in a world where there is less and less privacy? So much so that anything that comes with a built-in camera could possibly be exploited in a manner where it could be recording whatever it sees without you commanding it to. Similar to smartphones, Smart TVs can also be hacked […]

Google Reportedly Being Criticized By Smart TV Manufacturers
Many manufacturers opted for open-source HTML5 instead of Google TV as the platform for their smart TVs. Google has reportedly been employing "coercive sales tactics," which are being criticized by manufacturers of these products.