Hyperink logoMost book publishers choose to publish books that they link as opposed to what they know will sell. And if it’s a book by someone famous, it’s usually not a problem as his/her books will be snapped up from the shelves regardless. But most of the time it doesn’t work out so well. A new eBook publisher named Hyperink has decided to take advantage of technology available to circumvent this issue.

This new startup has a different plan – by using short and long-range search data (basically what people are usually searching for), Hyperink then commissions authors to write highly targeted books on popular search topics. Because the titles will be so specific, chances are they will be more likely to hit the sweet spot of what people are looking for as opposed to another generic book that people usually skip without a second glance. Imagine a book titled How to Get Into Yale instead of How to Get Into College and you’ve got the right idea. And if SEO (search engine optimization) works for websites and blogs, I don’t see why it can’t work for eBooks as well. Hyperink might be on to something here.

In addition to publishing books based on search data, Hyperink is also welcoming pitches from aspiring authors, promising design, editing and marketing services in exchange for 50% of the royalties. So, if you’re an aspiring author who’s keen on putting out eBooks, Hyperink is worth a shot. Find out more.

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