ap_barnes_noble_nook_tablet_ll_111107_wgDo you think that certain companies just do not have the right kind of mojo when it comes to a certain market niche? We are now hearing whispers of Barnes & Noble (B&N) working on support for a brand new device that measures 8” in size, although details are still extremely scant at the moment since we have yet to see any kind of new submissions over at the FCC, and B&N’s marketing department have remained mum to boot. Well, it might be a new Nook reader like the Nook Color or even a new tablet, who knows, really?

Insider sources claim that it will be more of a new Samsung tablet than anything else, simply because B&N has promised Samsung in the past that it would sell a million tablets – and that is one promise that the company has failed to follow through until now.

Another thing to support such an insight – the timing makes plenty of sense, especially as this happens to be the traditional period where retailers would want to showcase some new hardware along the way, and B&N’s digital sales have not been the most groundbreaking to date, of course, and to introduce a new tablet right now would definitely be able to help them prop up their sales figures for the future.

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