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Barnes & Noble Rumored To Support new 8-Inch Device
Do you think that certain companies just do not have the right kind of mojo when it comes to a certain market niche? We are now hearing whispers of Barnes & Noble (B&N) working on support for a brand new device that measures 8” in size, although details are still extremely scant at the moment since we have yet to see any kind of new submissions over at the FCC, […]

Senator Wants The Anarchist Cookbook Removed From The Internet
When something goes on the internet, it’s more or less there forever which is why many of us have been repeatedly warned to keep things we want to be private off the internet. After all who’s stopping a complete stranger from saving your photos, your videos, your music, and etc. onto their computer and uploading them in another place, right?However it seems that despite what feels like an impossible task, […]

Kobo Aura H2O Set To Offer Water Resistant Capability
It looks like Kobo has plans for a brand new eReader, where this particular model will be known as the Kobo Aura H2O. Having passed through the FCC not too long ago, the Kobo Aura H2O will arrive with a high resolution E Ink display, accompanied by a water- as well as dust-proof case. As to its purported release date, it seems that we now have additional details, thanks to […]

Icarus Illumina HD EBook Reader
Ebooks are surely gaining popularity among the masses, but when it comes to the number of ebook reader releases in the market, those are not as popular as a regular tablet, leaving consumers with not that many choices in the first place. However, the relative few ebook readers in the market do show a sizeable number of them running on Android-based software, such as Barnes & Noble’s NOOK eReader. Enter […]


Purchase eBook Edition Of Your Current Physical Book On The Cheap
Ebooks are starting to gain traction these days, that is a given. After all, nobody would like to lug around a behemoth of a novel that surpasses the 1,000 page mark – it would take up too much space in your suitcase or hand-carry luggage. However, there is one major advantage that physical books have over an ebook – you can never run out of batteries when you need to […]

Ebooks To Outsell Print Books By 2018
Ebooks, or electronic books in full, happen to be a growing market that has the ability and potential to outsell printed books in the near future. In fact, some established names in the market such as Nigel Newton, the chief executive of the Harry Potter publisher Bloomsbury, claimed that ebooks has surged in recent times to make up part of a ‘golden age of reading’.

PocketBook 640 Is A Water Resistant E-Book Reader
So, we do know that the smartphone market has seen some waterproof handsets in recent memory, where Sony has certainly taken the mindset of waterproof devices being bulky and ugly looking, turning that idea over its head with a svelte chassis and desirable design, starting with the Xperia Z which they then followed up with encore performances via the likes of the Xperia Tablet Z, et al. A waterproof smartphone […]

E-Book Reader For Kids On The Nintendo 3DS
The Nintendo 3DS could be a viable e-book reader platform.

Bookeen Cybook Odyssey HD FrontLight joins the lighted ebook community
When it comes to reading, some of us prefer to get our reading done at night just before we retire for the day. The thing is, having that reading lamp turned on might not be too suitable for folks who have a companion who is sensitive to light. The advent of e-book readers, however, has split the camp right down the middle to two – one with a built-in backlight, […]

Worldreader and Barcelona FC Announce Campaign to Bring 1 million eBooks to Africa
Non-profit organization Worldreader recently set up a campaign to provide more than 100,000 ebooks to students in sub-Saharan communities in Africa. In a follow-up move to that initiative, the NPO has teamed up with Spanish soccer giants Barcelona FC in the hope to bring 1 million ebooks to students in outlying areas that are currently limited in terms of access to books with special regard to public school students. Worldreader […]

Apple now facing ebook price fixing allegations in Canada
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the US Department of Justice sued Apple along with publishers regarding alleged ebook price fixing. Apple of course denied the charges and there have been talks about other countries looking to sue Apple over the same issue as well. Taking that step would be Canada where a lawyer, Norman Painchaud, took the opportunity to sue on behalf of any Canadian citizen who […]

Australian consumer watchdog considering suing Apple over alleged ebook price fixing
Just yesterday it was reported that the US Department of Justice was suing Apple over alleged price fixing regarding its ebooks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now it looks like the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) could be going after Apple over the same thing in Australia. This would make it the ACCC’s 2nd time suing Apple with the first time regarding “false advertising” over Apple’s 4G LTE […]

US government sues Apple and publishers over ebook prices
The US government does not care whether you have the largest market capitalization on the stock exchange, but where you have done wrong, you will still be brought to book – or at least an attempt will be made. It seems that Apple as well as other ebook publishers has been sued by Uncle Sam, where the New York district court will oversee a lawsuit that claims said publishers (including […]

Google ends e-book sales via independent stores
Google will put to an end a program that previously allowed independent booksellers to offer their wares – in this case, e-books, from its online store. This move will come to fruition by the end of January 2013. Google digital publishing director Scott Dougall mentioned that this particular program failed to garner enough traction that Google was targeting, and starting from the search engine giant will eventually sell e-books using […]

Kindle Owners' Lending Library lets you borrow for free
Are you a voracious reader who happened to have made the leap over to the e-book world, so much so that you do not bother with physical paperbacks anymore? Well, good news for you then – it seems that 16 of the Top 100 best-selling paid Kindle books in the month of March were exclusive only to the Kindle Store, and is made available for Prime Members with a Kindle […]

US might sue Apple and publishers due to e-book prices
The U.S. Justice Department seems to be on a warpath here, where it has warned Apple in addition to another five of the biggest U.S. publishers that they might just have to prepare for a showdown in the court. This comes after the U.S. Justice Department has thrown accusations at them of working in tandem to raise the prices of electronic books. There has been several parties that have held […]

Kobo eReading app for Windows 8
Did you catch the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yesterday? If not, you can always read all about it here as we covered the event live. It did not take too long for Kobo to announce their eReading app for Windows 8, making Kobo one of the first ebook retailers to come up with an app of theirs, where one can download it from the Windows Store. Developed using HTML and […]

Kama Sutra ends up as e-book
Ever heard of Deepak Chopra before? This New Age guru has written plenty of books over the years, not to mention having released plenty of audio content in the form of cassettes (back when they were in vogue, of course) as well as CDs, and is more than happy rolling around in plenty of cash. Well, his Kama Sutra and the Seven Spiritual Laws of Love tome is nothing short […]

Amazon allows Wattpad on the Kindle Fire
We’ve previously mentioned that Amazon followed the console business model, of selling hardware cheap and recouping its losses by selling content, when it came to the Kindle Fire and one of its methods of making money is from eBooks sold on the Kindle bookstore. So it comes as no surprise when it was reported that third party eBook reader/stores weren’t made available on the Amazon Appstore on the tablet. Despite […]