If you happen to want to build a HTPC (Home Theater PC) set up in your living room, then surely you would fare much better with a wireless keyboard than a wired one – trust us on this. Sure, there is the small matter of remembering to juice up the wireless keyboard as and when required, but nothing beats the convenience of a wireless keyboard as you cozy up to your favorite beanbag and start updating your Facebook status from afar.

The Lenovo N5902 wireless handheld keyboard can be said to fit this role to a ‘T’, where each feature on the HTPC keyboard has been scaled down in order to fulfill ergonomic and usability concerns. This second generation model shares an interesting paddle shape, but with backlighting, it certainly goes a long way in making it so much easier to type.

There is no more trackball as well to worry about (alongside cleaning it from time to time) as optical finger navigation will replace that hardware feature. Lenovo is asking $51.99 for this puppy – are you willing to part with that amount?

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