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New Apple Magic Mouse And Wireless Keyboard Coming Soon
Apple updates its core products once every year but the company hasn’t been paying that kind of attention to its iconic input devices, the Magic Mouse and the wireless keyboard. The Magic Mouse hasn’t really been updated since 2009 and the wireless keyboard hasn’t received an update since even before that. It’s safe to say that we would like to see a new Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard, turns out Apple […]

SPEEDLINK wireless keyboard with solar panel announced
While wireless devices give us a lot of freedom to use them whenever we want, one of the major gripes about them is that they require batteries to function – which means you’ll have to replace them after awhile or charge them with a cable. Well, SPEEDLINK’s upcoming wireless keyboard doesn’t have this problem, thanks to its integrated solar panel. All you have to do is ensure that the panel […]

Genius releases Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad and Android tablets
Looking for a keyboard to go with your iPad or Android tablet? Well you might find what you’re looking for in Genius’ new line up of wireless keyboards for tablets. Called the LuxePad, LuxePad 9000, and LuxePad A9000. These keyboards all feature Advanced Bluetooth connectivity, are light and ultra-thin with smooth tactile feedback, are full-sized with a complete set of function keys, and are touted to have low power consumption.The […]

Lenovo N5902 wireless handheld keyboard targets HTPCs
If you happen to want to build a HTPC (Home Theater PC) set up in your living room, then surely you would fare much better with a wireless keyboard than a wired one – trust us on this. Sure, there is the small matter of remembering to juice up the wireless keyboard as and when required, but nothing beats the convenience of a wireless keyboard as you cozy up to […]


Bentley offers Apple package in Mulsanne concept vehicle
When you think Bentley, you think luxury, and with our cars starting to feature more and more integration with our smartphones and tablets, it looks like Bentley may have taken it to the next level with a Mac Mini integration in their concept Mulsanne flagship luxury vehicle that was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Wireless keyboard does it all, lacks kitchen sink
Convergence technology has crept up upon us for quite some time already, and we have seen just how phones used to see action only when you made or receive calls, followed by text messaging being introduced. Once color displays became the norm, a built-in camera (that has an ever increasing megapixel count by the year) proved to be quite the hit in all phone models, and now, our phones have […]

Motorola giving away free wireless keyboard with Xoom tablet
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to purchase the Motorola Xoom tablet over the Android Honeycomb tablet offerings from other manufacturers, you might be pleased to know that Motorola is trying to change your mind. The company has just announced that for a limited time, it will be offering a free, brand new, wireless keyboard with every purchase of the Motorola Xoom.The keyboard is valued at $69.99, so getting […]

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 takes encryption to the next level
With so much news of hacking going on around (Sony, we’re looking at you here), you do not really feel that safe anymore where computers are concerned, do you? The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 is the latest wireless keyboard from the software giant, where it was specially designed to prevent any form of keyjacking attacks, making sure all those attempts will be intercepted so that no information from your keyboard’s […]

Logitech K750 wireless solar-powered keyboard innards checked out by the FCC
Boy, do we sometimes wish that we could spend more time rummaging through the FCC’s archives and arcane site, as it holds a treasure trove of information. Take for instance, this super green computer peripheral known as the Logitech K750 wireless solar-powered keyboard – and imagine being able to play with it so much, that ripping off the cover of the device (in a dignified manner, of course) is something […]

itablet Bluetooth thumb keyboard has a trackpad
No matter how used you are to typing on a touchscreen device you can be sure that you’ll almost type faster and more efficiently behind the wheels of a physical keyboard. But the market has been oversaturated with the huge number of different keyboards available. Most of these keyboards do the same thing without standing out from the crowd. But not the itablet.What makes the itablet keyboard special you ask? […]

Targus announces two new iPad accessories
[CES 2011] Targus, computer accessory specialist, has announced the launch of two new products for the iPad, designed to improve how you work with the iOS tablet. The first one is an adjustable stand for the iPad – it allows you keep your iPad upright (vertically or horizontally) for you to watch your movies or use your iPad comfortably without having to place it on your lap or strain your […]

Elecom Wireless Keyboard relies on Bluetooth to stay connected
Elecom’s latest foray into the wireless keyboard fray comes in the form of the TK-FDP021 Series, which is actually a Bluetooth wireless compact keyboard that measures 266.2mm ×127.1mm × 19.2mm. It sports a trackball so that you need not tote around a mouse, although we would always feel much more at home with a mouse. Both the left- and right-click buttons are located on the top corner of the keyboard […]

Ality WeeBoard Wireless Mini Backlit Keyboard
Wireless keyboards are incredibly useful when it comes to controlling a HTPC in the living room and as such, you probably won’t be complaining about another option when it comes to a mini wireless keyboard. The Ality WeeBoard is a RF-based wireless keyboard designed to be used on the couch, offering an integrated trackpad to control the mouse cursor, along with a row of customizable media shortcut keys. It’s expected […]

Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard
Logitech seems to think that we’ll enjoy typing out our lengthy articles in a dimly-lit room better if we had backlit keyboards, and the K800 wireless illuminated keyboard should do the trick just nicely. It’s a wireless keyboard that sports a microUSB connection in order to recharge its internal batteries. The illuminated keys will undoubtedly be one of the more noticeable features of this keyboard, and it’s even smart enough […]