[CEATEC 2011] Going waterproof is a big deal for gadgets, especially when it concerns smaller models like smartphones and portable media players since those tend to slip out of the hands of butterfingers like me and into the most unusual places such as a swimming pool or even worse, down the toilet bowl. I guess there is marketing and sales appeal in “waterproofing” a device – case in point the Meopad Aqua.

Conforming to IPX5 waterproof standards, the 10″ Meopad Aqua sports a multi-touch LCD display, where it will feature CRM copyright management on the Android platform to make sure all copyright-protected content would work as intended on it without the need to bloat up your device with additional software. While you can’t bring this scuba diving with you, at least you need not worry about some rain falling on it as you cycle frantically home during the wet and cold seasons.

No idea on whether this will arrive Stateside or not, but chances are a resounding “No” would be the answer. Will Apple make a waterproof iPod already?

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