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Best Waterproof Phones
Did you know that half of the smartphones that die by accident do so in water (half of those in the toilets)? This staggering number and the prospect of having some fun without ending up with a dead phone leads many people to search for the best waterproof smartphones, so this is exactly what we’re giving you in this article which will be updated every time a good challenger comes […]

NeverWet Completely Repels Liquids For Just $20
NeverWet will save you from a lot of spills as it completely repels liquids.

Sony HDR-GW77V Waterproof Camcorder
Sony has just announced the Sony HDR-GW77V, also nicknamed Sony 77V, a camcorder that is built for “life on the go” as Sony would define it. Unlike most camcorders in this rugged category, the Sony HDR-GW77V is not an MP4 camcorder, which is often synonymous of lower video quality and lower bitrate. Bitrate defines how much information is stored per second to encode the video. Typically, the higher the bitrate, […]

Sony Handycam HDR-GW77V takes the waterproof route
Just like how oil and water do not mix, so too, water and consumer electronics devices loathe one another. It makes sense, really, but there are exceptions to the rule as usual, with some manufacturers preferring to beef up their products to be able to withstand being submerged and working perfectly fine – at least for a while. Sony continues this trend with their Handycam HDR-GW77V that is waterproof, allowing […]


Daikin develops water resistant coating for smartphone circuit boards
Dropping your smartphone into the toilet bowl is no fun at all, as there is the hassle of getting it out from the porcelain throne, not to mention having ruined a perfectly good and working handset. Daikin hopes to be able to change the future and make it a better place by developing a new coating that will primarily see action in the circuit boards of smartphones. This new coating […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V Stylish 18.2 MP Glass Design Camera
Sony launched the stylish new Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V featuring a beautiful reinforced glass design, a look that will go well with your iPhone. With fierce competition coming from the high-end smartphones that now deliver high megapixel cameras with good lenses and sensors (Xperia Ion with 12 MP Exmor R sensor and Nokia Lumia 900 with Carl Zeiss lens), it is hard for point-and-shoot to remain attractive to highly demanding consumers.Beside the […]

Toshiba waterproof tablet is wirelessly powered
At the recently concluded CES 2012, Toshiba paraded a fair number of new gadgets in addition to prototypes – and one of them is this waterproof tablet which can also be powered sans wires. It resided inside an aquarium most of the time on the showfloor, to show to the world just how its internal hardware is dammed up against any leaks. Toshiba came about this tablet by prototyping one […]

Olympus Tough TG-320
[CES 2012] Olympus’ Tough line has made some headlines this year with the release of the Tough-810, the world’s first 100kg crushproof camera.The Olympus Tough TG-320 will not be Olympus’ new flagship rugged camera but merely an upgrade of the Tough TG-310, the colorful mid-range model of the line.  Featuring a new 14-megapixel sensor and a 3.6x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28-102mm equivalent), the Olympus Tough TG-320 is waterproof (up […]

Samsung W300 and W350 waterproof camcorders
[CES 2012] Rugged devices are starting to look better and better these days, thanks to the wonders of improved design, but they have yet to become mainstream. Waterproof devices are not exactly the norm just yet, but if you happen to find yourself in situations that might just see you get wet, then Samsung has the W300 and W350 waterproof camcorders that are capable of capturing any action with its […]

Pantech Element waterproof Android tablet
[CES 2012] I can predict that there will be a fair share of puns associated with the Pantech Element, especially when you consider this waterproof tablet to be in its, er, element against the competition. After all, having a rugged tablet does make perfect sense since there is already a fair number of waterproof phones, so enter the Pantech Element which will make an appearance over at AT&T this coming […]

Fujitsu ARROWS ES IS12F waterproof phone
[CES 2012] Fujitsu leads the way in terms of fashionable Android-powered phones that are waterproof – their latest model being the Fujitsu-Toshiba ARROWS ES IS12F, where it will be made available to KDDI au in Japan. Despite being waterproof, you will not be able to tell it with a glance, considering how svelte it is at just 6.7mm thin. After all, waterproof devices tend to be part of the rugged […]

NEC announced waterproof Medias PP N-01D Android smartphone
If there was yet another phone from Japan that the rest of us around the world wouldn’t mind getting our hands on would be the NEC Medias PP N-01D. This Android smartphone has been announced for release on NTT DoCoMo’s network for the 9th of December and assuming NEC’s plans to launch their phones internationally is still on track, there’s a good chance we might be seeing this phone launch […]

Concord Keystone announces new waterproof cases for smartphones
So we’re not sure when HzO’s waterproofing nanotechnology will be commercialized, which means that in the meantime if you are looking to protect your device from the perils of water damage, we will have to rely on external casings such as the Aryca cases from Concord Keystone.

Verizon and Casio unveils the rugged G'zOne Ravine 2 phone
If you’re in the market for a rugged phone, and you’re not too fussed about whether it’s running on iOS or Android, Verizon and Casio may have the answer for you in the form of the Casio G’zOne Ravine 2, which is a military specced rugged flip phone where the main focus is on its ruggedness, rather than its smartphone capabilities (if there are any at all).

HzO nanotechnology keeps your phone safe from water
Smartphones today are pretty much capable of doing everything we need them to do, but there’s still one problem that most of them face: water damage. Electronics and water don’t mix and unless you’ve got one of those waterproof devices, the statement usually holds true. However, such problems might not be an issue in the future, as the folks over at HzO have managed to come up with a solution.

Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D Android tablet put to the test
The Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-01D Android tablet was introduced earlier this year and was touted to be a waterproof device. Though we may never have the need to use the tablet underwater, I’m sure you must be curious about how well it holds up its end of the bargain when it comes to being submerged in liquid. Well, it looks like we weren’t the only ones thinking about it as […]

Meopad Aqua takes the waterproof route
[CEATEC 2011] Going waterproof is a big deal for gadgets, especially when it concerns smaller models like smartphones and portable media players since those tend to slip out of the hands of butterfingers like me and into the most unusual places such as a swimming pool or even worse, down the toilet bowl. I guess there is marketing and sales appeal in “waterproofing” a device – case in point the […]

Kodak unveils Playfull Waterproof video camera
Granted that summer is over and there’s less time or reason to go to the beach, but if you’ve ever needed a waterproof video camera that will allow you to capture the fun times shared with your friends on the beach, Kodak has just announced their Playfull Waterproof video camera, which is basically the waterproof version of the original Playfull video camera series.

Kyocera Digno ISW11K headed to KDDI
KDDI, one of the carriers in Japan, has recently unveiled their upcoming Winter lineup for phones. Some of the devices are feature phones, but some are smartphones, much like the Kyocera Digno ISW11K. The device was created specifically for the younger generation in mind, although we don’t see in what way it was done so – price point perhaps?Either way, the device will run on a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor […]

Fujitsu ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D waterproof tablet
I know we had a glimpse of the Fujitsu ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D waterproof tablet last month, where it appeared in a rather poor image quality rendition of a scanned page, but today, we have uncovered additional details about the tablet while treating your eyes to a more sumptious view of what the ARROWS Tab can deliver. I would suppose that Bert of Sesame Street fame won’t mind playing with […]