The start of summer means you’re going to be wearing a lot of light-colored clothing, while at the same time surrounded by barbecue food that could deliver some irreversible stains that could result in you just throwing out your clothes. But if you had NeverWet, you’ll laugh off misguided squirts from ketchup and mustard bottles hitting your expensive Hawaiian shirt.

NeverWet isn’t a new product as it’s been around since 2011, but the company has recently licensed the product to Rust-Oleum to make NeverWet available to the masses, such as Home Depot where it currently sells its spray for $20. The NeverWet package comes with two cans, a base and a top coat, which is capable of covering 10 to 15 square feet of surfaces to allow them to automatically repel liquids.

You’ll be able to use NeverWet on a number of materials including metal, wood, fabric and plastic, although the process of protecting your valuables will take an hour as the base coat takes around 30 minutes to dry, while the top coat takes an additional 30 minutes to cure. Transparent surfaces currently isn’t supported as NeverWet dries with a frosted appearance, but a clear-drying version is currently in the works.

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