Dropping your smartphone into the toilet bowl is no fun at all, as there is the hassle of getting it out from the porcelain throne, not to mention having ruined a perfectly good and working handset. Daikin hopes to be able to change the future and make it a better place by developing a new coating that will primarily see action in the circuit boards of smartphones. This new coating would be resistant to water and moisture, while causing Mother Nature to smile by virtue of being environmentally friendly, and will even dry up as a thin film. Basically, this coating ensures the circuit boards in a handset remains protected against water and moisture. It takes but a minute or so to dry the coating at room temperature after dipping a circuit board into the special fluoridated solvent.

It is not quite there with full waterproofing just yet, although it definitely offers a glimmer of hope to future electronic devices that have taken that wet, wild trip by accident. Daikin hopes to transform this water resistant coating into a commercially viable product by December next year.

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