Microsoft logoWhile Windows Phone devices aren’t necessarily more expensive than their iOS and Android counterparts, Microsoft is hoping that lower production costs will encourage vendors to produce more devices, which will then be offered to carriers who hopefully will be able to offer even more subsidized prices, which will ultimately encourage the adoption of the Windows Phone platform.

According to Microsoft, they are hoping that the costs of Windows Phone devices will drop next year, which at the moment costs about $220 to build. This is already a huge drop from the $400 it cost to build per phone when the platform was released, but Microsoft has hopes that it will be able to drop below $200 per phone.

This is made possible through Microsoft’s deals and the cooperation of parts makers, such as Qualcomm. It seems like Microsoft is aiming for quantity, with lower costs also equaling to lower royalty fees that will be paid to Microsoft, which could encourage more handset manufacturers to hop on board. As far as customers are concerned, would a cheaper and more affordable Windows Phone device encourage you to adopt the platform?

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