I find it rather interesting that humans tend to justify our way through things – think of all those huge accounting scandals that have been uncovered so far (Enron, Worldcom), not to mention politicians who enrich themselves and their cronies while abusing their positions of power and authority – and when it comes to gaming, the same applies as well as some gamers want to find an edge over the rest not through legal means like improving one’s skill, but taking the backdoor route instead through the use of aim bots and the like. Well, in the case of Battlefield 3 Beta, nothing that serious has occured, just the hacking of servers to cater 128 players instead of just 32 for more fun and mayhem, but please be informed that if you have joined that server, it might end up with your EA account being banned.

According to an official post from developer DICE on the game’s forum, those who decide to ply their trade on a hacked server will compromise their account, and “may lead to having your account banned by EA. If your account gets banned it does mean any EA game you have on your account would also be unavailable.”

Sounds draconian? Perhaps, but there must be a reason why EA decided to limit the player limit of each server to just 32 people – perhaps to maximize the enjoyment without too much clutter around. What do you think?

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