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Laptop Ban May Not Be Extended To European Flights
Not too long ago, the United States government decided to ban laptops and electronic devices larger than smartphones on flights operating out of select countries. It has since been reported multiple times that this ban may be extended to flights operating out of Europe. That may not be the case, though, as a new report suggests that a ban on laptops on flights out of Europe is “off the table.”

BlackBerry Messaging & E-Mail Banned In Pakistan
It looks like the banhammer is being wielded again, and this time around it is Pakistan who is the “culprit”. Apparently, Pakistan has banned both BlackBerry messaging and e-mail, citing “security reasons” as the catalyst for this government move, and this can only mean that the ruling powers are expanding the monitoring of communications within the country itself.

Apple Bans Couple Of Chemicals In Overseas Manufacturing Plants
The hardware manufacturing process is not an easy one, and it had also received a fair amount of criticism over the years when it concerns the working conditions of manufacturing plants overseas, especially where companies like Apple are concerned. It is nice to know then, that after all the furore was raised, Apple has done some bit in raising wages as well as attempts to place a limit on the […]

China Bans Symantec And Kaspersky Software In The Government
China does have a different viewpoints in certain things, as evident by the lack of Google Maps support in the navigation system of the Tesla Model S rides sold there. This time around, we have word of a rather strange development – that China has decided to ban both Symantec of America as well as Kaspersky Lab from Russia, from their current list of approved software vendors among government agencies.


Revenge Porn Ban Being Considered By New York Lawmakers
Just last week, California created a law that would classify “revenge porn” as a criminal misdemeanor, and it looks like New York lawmakers also want to make a stand against this kind of thing. Unlike California though, New York is looking to include photos taken by the subject as being a part of their stand against revenge porn.

Texting While Driving Gains Popularity After Being Outlawed
You know what they say? If you can’t beat ‘em, then join ‘em. I would suppose that government regulating some of society’s activities, such as gambling, alcohol and prostitution has something to do with keeping tabs and control over the situation. After all, if you were to outlaw something, chances are pretty high things could get ugly on the streets, so why not regulate the entire situation and make some […]

Sony swings the banhammer for customized PS3 firmware owners
If you happen to own the Sony PS3 and have flashed a custom firmware on this console, then you ought to take note that there is a very real possibility of Sony’s banhammer come swinging your way. Sony did issue a warning to the masses, touting that they have started to ban accounts and console IDs which were connected to modding activities. Not only that, customized firmware users as well […]

Pakistan drops banhammer on 1,100 naughty words in SMS
If you happen to live in Pakistan and own a cellphone or smartphone, then you might be more prudent and careful in your text messages the next time around as the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority has dropped the banhammer on over a thousand words deemed as “naughty”, including “beat your meat,” “fairy,” and “lovegun”. Just more than a week ago, mobile phone companies who operate in Pakistan were served with a […]

Samsung to sell modified Galaxy handsets to avert Dutch ban
Since Samsung will be banned from selling a number of its Galaxy phones in the Netherlands, due to being guilty of violating a number of Apple’s patents, it looks like the company has found a way to circumvent it. The company has announced that it will be selling modified versions of its phones over there. Some of the phones that will be receiving modifications are the Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 […]

Modded Battlefield 3 Beta servers might end up banned
I find it rather interesting that humans tend to justify our way through things – think of all those huge accounting scandals that have been uncovered so far (Enron, Worldcom), not to mention politicians who enrich themselves and their cronies while abusing their positions of power and authority – and when it comes to gaming, the same applies as well as some gamers want to find an edge over the […]

Microsoft unbans wrongfully banned Xbox 360 consoles
In an attempt to crack down on Xbox users who modify their consoles or hack their systems, Microsoft dished out quite a number of bans on users of Xbox Live. However, a number of accounts were banned wrongfully due to a software error. Today Microsoft announced that it will be restoring access to those consoles that were banned by the mistake and will be compensating them with three free months […]

Samsung seeks to ban iPhone and 3G iPad in the Netherlands
We had only just reported that Samsung had plans to take a more aggressive approach to the ongoing legal battles with Apple, and true to their word Samsung has recently launched an offensive against Apple in the Netherlands where they are seeking the ban of Apple’s smartphones and tablets.

Samsung to ban iPhone 5 in South Korea
In a game of trading punches, Apple might have Samsung on the ropes at the moment in successfully getting some of Samsung’s devices banned in Australia and Europe, but that does not mean the consumer electronics giant from South Korea is about to be down and out for the count. No sir, Samsung has in fact, plans to hold its own on their home ground by taking the relevant legal […]

Apple gets Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 permanently banned in Germany
We’re sure most of you guys have already heard or know this by now, that Apple has been chasing Samsung halfway across the world trying to get their Galaxy smartphones and tablets banned due to Apple claiming they were too similar in design to their iOS products, namely the iPhone and iPad. So far Apple has been successful at getting temporary injunctions but now it looks like Apple has won […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 faces banhammer in Germany
Apple, the world’s most valuable company at times, must be pretty happy to hear that a Dusseldorf court in Germany has awarded Cupertino a preliminary injunction against Samsung’s latest Galaxy Tab offering – the Galaxy Tab 7.7 which was announced when IFA 2011 happened in – ironically, Germany. This meant that Samsung Electronics could not promote their new 7.7” tablet there, and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has sadly been banned […]

Samsung hopes next Android update will protect Galaxy smartphones from ban hammer
In the recent news concerning Apple’s legal battle against Samsung, the former won as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and even some smartphones from the South Korean manufacturer has faced the ban hammer, mostly across Europe. Well, it seems that should the next Android update manage to fix some of the violated patents, then Samsung’s family of Galaxy smartphones will be able to be sold once again in Europe.OS News claims […]

Epic to ban Gear of War 3 spoilers
Developer Epic wants to protect their new baby – Gears of War 3, which looks set to be a gaming hit the moment it arrives on store shelves, so that means no spoilers. And just how far are they willing to go to make sure that there will not be any spoilers concerning Gears of War 3 from rabid fans? For starters, Epic has been “extremely diligent about getting that […]

India wants to monitor Google and Skype as well
After recent reports of the Indian government’s intentions to strong arm RIM into compromising the security of its BlackBerry devices, it looks like the country is leaving no stone unturned. Recent reports state that India is also requesting for the same permission to private data from services like Skype, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Saudi Arabia bans iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab at security institutions
The country that has the most oil reserves in the world, Saudi Arabia, has just issued a new ruling that would affect all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab owners – they are no longer allowed to be brought into the country’s security institutions from this Saturday onwards. This ban was declared due to the security concern that these high-tech telecommunication gadgets can be infiltrated easily via hacking, according to London-based […]

Russia Federal Security Service to ban Skype, Hotmail and Gmail?
In the latest case of paranoia in the government, it appears that Russia has now caught the bug. The Russian Security service has been reported to have called for a ban on Skype, Hotmail and Gmail citing those services as a possible threat to national security. Apparently because the Federal Security Service has no access to the data on these servers that are hosted out of the country, they can’t […]