If there was ever a good time to be an undercover police officer, it would be now. How so, you ask? Well for starters it looks like the car you’ll be given to drive would be that of the Nissan GT-R, according to EVI (Emergency Vehicle Installations) who was commissioned to deck out the car with the necessary equipment.

The company is known for customizing police cruisers in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas, and this time they have been tasked by an anonymous police organization to fit out the Nissan GT-R with police lights and sirens, which are camouflaged until they have been turned on, as pictured above.

The car will be sporting 530hp, making it one of the fastest pursuit cars on the American roads. It looks like EVI did a pretty good job because on the surface it looks like your regular civilian car. So if a nondescript Nissan GT-R pulls up next to your car at the traffic lights, maybe you’d like to think twice before revving your engine and challenging the driver to a drag race.

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