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Body Cameras Mandatory For NYC Police By 2019
Over the next two years, New York City is going to pour a lot of resources into acquiring body cameras for the police force. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced alongside Commissioner James O’Neill that the entire police force of the city is going to mandatorily wear body cameras by the end of 2018. The costs associated with this exercise haven’t been disclosed but the mayor did say that both […]

Police Officer's Breastfeeding Saves Abandoned Baby's Life
The world might seem to be a rather cruel place with all that is going on in the news right now, while nature rages at humanity for not taking care of our environment, but from time to time there are acts of kindness that definitely brings a smile to our faces, not to mention make the world seem a far better place. Over in Colombia, police officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea […]

Police Reportedly Tracks Cellphones Regularly To Solve Routine Crimes
A new report from USA Today claims that the dozens of police departments across the country are secretly tracking cellphones to solve routine crimes. For example Baltimore Police detectives searched for someone who smashed the back window of a parked car and made off with a cellphone by using stingray, a powerful government phone surveillance tool that’s capable of intercepting data from hundreds of people’s cellphones at one time.

Lykan HyperSport Becomes Part Of The Police Fleet In Abu Dhabi
The Abu Dhabi Police has no shortage of exotic super cars in its fleet but the latest addition is miles ahead of what it already has, both in terms of price and performance. Lykan HyperSport is now a part of the Abu Dhabi Police fleet, it’s a limited production car by W Motors, a Lebanese company. If you can’t quite remember where you’ve seen this car, it featured in the […]


Police Officers Could Get Wearable Cameras
Wearable cameras have become some sort of trend these days, especially when it comes to keeping track of one’s rough and tumble adventure. GoPro, a company that deals with tough wearable cameras, is said to be moving into the drone business, but I suppose they would do well to supply a police-friendly version of a camera. After all, there are plans to equip the entire Met Police officers with cameras […]

Europol Makes Huge Drug Website Bust
The long arm of the law has finally managed to make its way across the Internet, resulting in one major drug website bust along the way. In this international crackdown on underground websites that have put up illegal drugs on sale, up to 17 people have been arrested to date – and it does not look as though this is going to be the end of it, rather, it is […]

Police Officer Charged With Stealing Nude Pics Of Arrested Women
A California highway patrol officer is currently facing a rather odd charge of two felonies after allegations came his way, citing that he is a photo thief. And not just any ordinary photo, but rather, it seems that the photos he allegedly stole were explicit in nature, taken from the iPhones of the female offenders whom he was arresting. Officer Sean Harrington has resigned since, and he claimed that his […]

LAPD Hates Public Owned Drones Over Their Stations
When it comes to the world of drones, much has been said and done about it. National parks certainly do not welcome drones, and now, the Los Angeles Police Department, too, are not too happy nor thrilled with the idea of having drones hover across its stations. According to the LAPD claims, activist Daniel Saulmon was actually “trespassing” when Saulmon flew a drone over a police station at Hollywood, touting […]

Police Experimenting With Wearable Cameras
The Police departments of Los Angeles and New York are currently testing wearable cameras designed to record what officers see and hear during a police intervention. “Can you afford not to do something like this as a chief of Police” one officer said.  “This is the future of law enforcement” says another.

States Photo ID Databases Widely Used By Law Enforcement
Since the attention on citizens privacy has been heightened by the noise surrounding the PRISM surveillance program that is said to involve giant Internet companies (which they deny) and the U.S government, it is interesting to know that facial photos collected by states to fight driver license forgery now number 120 million and are routinely used in the context of police investigations. The Washington post published a story on this […]

Police Demands Apple To Decrypt iPhones
It seems that the long arm of the law has been knocking on Apple’s door quite frequently in recent times, where the police have asked Apple to decrypt a fair number of iPhones. The thing is, Apple has actually come up with a police waiting list, now how about that, due to the unusually high demand, in an effort to handle the deluge of requests. Court documents do point to […]

Robot Scouts Area For Danger Before Police Officers Do
It seems that the Yankton Police Department has a powerful new ally in their midst, and it does not need to be trained for years – although having the right kind of algorithms would certainly come in handy. Basically, the Yankton Police Department has purchased a new robot which can scout potentially dangerous scenes right before officers make the decision to barge in. Officer Michael Burgeson mentioned to KCAU-TV that […]

New York Police Get Help From Android Smartphones
All right, so New York’s finest might not have a Lamborghini to drive around and catch baddies in, but they do have some tools to help them in the eternal battle against crime. One of the latest tools in the Police Department’s crime-fighting arsenal would be a regular Android-powered smartphone, where approximately 400 phones have been distributed to officers to aid them in their patrol duty.For instance, an officer can […]

Mississippi Man Caught Double-Texting With 3-Year-Old, Drugs In His Vehicle
AT&T conducted a survey last week that found adults text and drive more than teenagers, but after hearing about this next story, we’re curious just how many of drivers out there double text and drive, which is probably as dangerous as it sounds as it involves a person texting and driving with two mobile devices.According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama, 19-year-old Dandre Moore was found to be texting […]

Chinese Man Calls Police On Himself To Help Fight Internet Addiction
We’re sure the man who has been spending the last six years at an Internet cafe can be considered a person who is addicted to not only the Internet, but games itself as he spends the majority of his waking moments at the cafe. But until he admits he has a problem, he’ll just continue living his life at the Internet cafe. That is, unless he one day becomes so […]

Man Arrested For Shooting At Police Robot
Shooting at the police is never the brightest idea in the world, considering how the police have the kind of tactical training and firepower to bring you down with deadly prejudice. Thing is, what happens when you let loose some bullets in the direction of a police robot? Well, you get arrested, as what could very well be the precedent was set in Ohio last month where a heavily armed […]

DNA Bullet Marks Suspects For Arrest
SelectDNA, a UK company, has created a non-lethal high-velocity projectile that will leave a DNA marker on a suspect so that he or she can be identified at a later time. At first, it may sound like the projectile marks the suspect’s DNA, but that’s not the case. It’s just that the marker has a DNA nature to make sure that it is unique. That’s not the case for color […]

New York Police Department Looks To The Internet For Answers
It is better to try to keep a bad thing from happening than to fix the bad thing once it has happened. The New York Police Department is on a quest to figure out ways to identify potential “deranged” gunmen on the Internet, in an effort to avoid hapless events, such as the tragic Connecticut school shooting, where in 26 people were killed, mostly children.

Open Home WiFi Access Led to SWAT Raid on Innocent Family Home
In Evansville, Indiana, a Police SWAT team has executed a search warrant on a home in full tactical gears. The reason: threats perpetrated against local Police forces over the internet, threatening the officers lives, their family, including the mention of home-made bombs. The Police needed no more to quickly find what Internet address was used to send the threats, and what physical address it was linked to.But when they executed […]

Radio Tactics' ACESO Kiosk mobile data extraction to be used by London Police
The Metropolitan Police, the police force responsible for Greater London, has announced that it will begin using a mobile device data extraction system that will give its officers the ability to extract data from a mobile device in a matter of minutes. The said system will use Radio Tactics’ ACESO Kiosk, a touchscreen device that will be deployed in the city. According to Radio Tactics, the ACESO Kiosk has the […]