met-body-cameraWearable cameras have become some sort of trend these days, especially when it comes to keeping track of one’s rough and tumble adventure. GoPro, a company that deals with tough wearable cameras, is said to be moving into the drone business, but I suppose they would do well to supply a police-friendly version of a camera. After all, there are plans to equip the entire Met Police officers with cameras on their uniforms, according to the Mayor of London.

At the moment, officers located across 10 London boroughs are involved at the moment in a trial that will comprise of the use of approximately 1,000 devices, in an effort to boost transparency as well as to speed up convictions. The Major of London, Boris Johnson, also mentioned that there are plans to purchase another 20,000 body-worn cameras for majority of the officers serving in the capital to be used – by March of 2016, of course. These bodily cameras are touted to “improve public scrutiny” of officers, and Mr. Johnson also mentioned, “This is exciting technology that will build trust, help the police do their jobs, and allow the public to hold officers more accountable.”

Perhaps this would make all parties more conscious – the police to control themselves if they feel like snapping under stress, and for the troublemakers not to provoke the law enforcers needlessly in order to get a reaction.

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