[CEATEC 2011] Interesting, isn’t it? Smartphones in Japan are so far ahead the rest of the competition (although I am quite sure that handsets in South Korea too are able to give their Japanese counterparts a serious run for their money), that plenty of people use them to watch their favorite TV shows on-the-go. Well, trust the Land of the Rising Sun to be the first country in the world that has a smartphone-only TV broadcast channel known as nottv.

This particular channel will be viewable only on compatible smartphones and tablets that sport special tuners, where it will go live across Japan in 2012. It will not hog down the phone’s network since it relies on bandwidth frequencies that remain when Japan ended their analog broadcasts earlier this year. As it functions as an over-the-air broadcaster, you need not worry about a drop in quality its quality whenever the number of viewers increase.

Of course, do not expect regular programming like that of traditional TVs, with each show taking up around 10 minutes as there is the battery life of your device to think of about as well.

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