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Nokia, NTT DoCoMo Showcase 5G High Speed Data Transmission
Some time in May last year, we did talk about how NTT DoCoMo of Japan intends to test out 5G technology – which was obviously a kind of technology that existing hardware among consumer electronics users are unable to support just yet. Well, here we are with word that NTT DoCoMo has partnered with Nokia Networks for the standardization of 5G technology, where this partnership will explore and harness the […]

DoCoMo Arrows Tab F-03G Spotted At CEATEC 2014
[CEATEC 2014] I do wonder whether there is a reason for Japanese companies to come up with really complex naming conventions for their products, perhaps it is to reflect the kind of complex technologies that lie within? The DoCoMo Arrows Tab F-03G looks set to hit the market later next month, where it will arrive in a chassis that measures 174mm x 265mm x 8.5mm – which is rather slim, […]

DoCoMo C3fit IN-pulse Smart Shirt
[CEATEC 2014] We have smart homes, smart glasses, smart cars, smart watches, and wearable technology continues to move forward with the introduction of a smart shirt. While wearable e-textiles with some sort of communication technology built in is not exactly new, it is exciting to see different companies and their respective takes on this particular idea. DoCoMo of Japan has stepped up to the plate with their C3fit IN-pulse smart […]

DoCoMo Yubi Navi Haptic Handles Offers Different Way To Navigate
[CEATEC 2014] At first glance, the Yubi Navi haptic handles from NTT DoCoMo happen to resemble that of a Wiimote, albeit without the thumb joystick and button, of course. Upon closer inspection, it has a far different function, as this cylindrical and soft gadget will be nestled in your palm as you make your way to your destination using it, of course. The Yubi Navi remains as a prototype as […]


NTT DoCoMo To Test Out 5G Technology
So, you think that 4G connectivity is the bee’s knees. Well, NTT DoCoMo of Japan has news for you buddy. It seems that the Japanese carrier intends to test out 5G technology with the likes of other hardware vendors, of whom will include the likes of Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Fujitsu, NEC, Nokia and Samsung. Just to have a better idea on how much faster 5G connectivity is, Samsung claimed that they […]

NTT DoCoMo Shows What 1,500 “Phone Zombies” Look Like
Have you watched Resident Evil: Afterlife, where in the famous first scene where a simulation of a possible zombie infection outbreak was depicted at Shibuya, Tokyo? The Shibuya Crossing happens to be one of the iconic places in Tokyo as you see throngs of people making their way across the intersection when the lights stop all traffic. Well, there might not be a zombie outbreak in the real world, but […]

NTT Docomo Smartphone Elderly Monitoring Service Launched
NTT Docomo Inc. is said to begin offering their “Tsunagari Hot Support” application software, where it will target the elderly as well as their families, and this particular app has already arrived on smartphones from the company on March 25. This particular software would now receive a new function known as “Tsunagari Hot Support”, where this particular service is capable of notifying registered people of how the phone is used […]

Docomo Safety Mode Might Just Save Your Life
With the number of engaging apps on our mobile devices these days, it is extremely easy to get “lost” in them. For instance, just pay attention to any metropolitan area by sitting at the sidewalk with a cuppa, and see how many people actually do not really see where they are going. Rather, they would most probably be holding their smartphone with one or both hands, texting or sending some […]

NTT docomo Showcases Dragon Quest Metal Slime Smartphone
[CEATEC 2013] There are just some things in Japan that are huge locally, and the rest of the world has yet to catch on. I am quite sure that some folks in the English speaking world have picked up Japanese for the sake of playing titles such as Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest, or even Mother on the Game Boy in the past. Well, this time around, we managed to […]

NTT docomo’s Vuzix M100 Hands-On
[CEATEC 2013] We spent some time with the Vuzix M100 smart glasses before the super long queues were formed, and here are some of our impressions on it. The hardware is based off the Vuzix M100 of course, but the software was powered by NTT docomo. We mentioned in passing that this particular pair of glasses would be able to identify someone’s face using facial recognition technology, before it communicates […]

Vuzix And NTT DoCoMo Will Feature M100 Smart Glasses At CEATEC 2013
Vuzix and NTT DoCoMo will team up at CEATEC 2013 that is set to happen next week, where they will let the curious masses check out the M100 smart glasses. That would certainly give the folks over at Google something to think about, wouldn’t you say so? The M100 smart glasses is set to roll out later in the year, so to have it featured at Japan’s biggest electronics show […]

DoCoMo Reportedly Promised 40 Percent Quota Of Sales For New iPhones
It was announced earlier this month that Japan’s largest mobile carrier, NTT DoCoMo, has signed a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone on its network. Its two major rivals, KDDI and SoftBank, already offer the iPhone. The carrier reportedly lost quite a lot of subscribers because it wasn’t offering Apple’s popular smartphone. A new report from Nikkei suggests that DoCoMo has promised that 40 percent of all of its […]

Fujitsu F-07E Uses FPC Fingerprint Technology
What makes the Fujitsu F-07E so special? Well, it so happens to be the first smartphone that will rely on FPC fingerprint technology, and it has been launched by Fujitsu with DoCoMo all over Japan. This might be a Disney-branded smartphone, but make no mistake about it – the list of hardware specifications are pretty much all grown up, with the ability to support Fingerprint Cards’ (FPC’s) swipe sensor technology. […]

Samsung SGH-N055 “Confirmed” As DoCoMo Tizen Handset
Earlier today, we did mention a possible rumor of how Samsung could very well introduce the first Tizen device later this coming October, and here we are with additional word on such a possibility. In fact, I guess one would say that this is closer to a “confirmation” than anything else, as a bug report page on the Tizen project website did mention that Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo already […]