3D_Vision_2NVIDIA has launched its second generation of stereo 3D technology which improves many aspects of using stereo 3D on computers.  For a starter, 3D Vision 2 is designed to make the experience more immersive. To achieve that goal, NVIDIA has designed the active shutter glasses with a 20% larger lens so that players don’t see the frames (as much as possible).

NVIDIA’s partners now provide monitors that are up to 27″ big. The monitors are also brighter to compensate for the loss of brightness that is inherent to active-shutter glasses (passive system will trade off resolution/image quality instead). NVIDIA calls this 3D LightBoost, and it will come to 3D laptops  as well. If you wonder, NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 is backwards-compatible with the first generation of products and it should this month.

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