Panoramic Ball CamLove taking photographs but you never know from which angle you should capture a great shot? Why not capture everything instead? Some folks have come up with an innovative new camera called the Panoramic Ball Cam. It’s basically a ball that’s been embedded with 36 mobile phone cameras and is designed to capture 360 panoramic photographs.

All you have to do is toss the ball into the air, and when it reaches the highest point, the ball will snap a photograph with all 36 cameras at once. The 360 degree view is then stitched together and can be viewed on a computer using a program. Since you have a 360 view of everything, you can then crop a section you like as your masterpiece. Judging by the video demonstration, the pictures that come out are actually pretty impressive, and you get to see things you never noticed in the first place, including objects behind you.

No word of when we’ll see it on the market, but I doubt it’s going to be cheap. Check out the video demonstration for yourself:

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