Uh-oh, it looks like the patent trolls are back, and this time a company called Innovatio is attempting to sue small hotels and coffee shops for offering WiFi services. Yes, you read that right – a feature that we readily expect from most coffee shops and WiFi services is apparently under attack by Innovatio.

According to the company, they have a patent on implementation of WiFi services and have been going around targeting franchises such as Panera, Best Western and Caribou Coffee for apparently infringing upon its patents. While the specifics of the patents have yet to be revealed, apparently some companies have already decided to settle the lawsuit out of court for amounts ranging from $2,300-$5,000.

While we try to reserve our judgement as to whether Innovatio are really patent trolls, all signs are pointing to the contrary. These small settlement amounts are low enough so that when compared to hiring a defense lawyer and taking the matter to court, they seem more affordable and will not disrupt the company’s business if they decide to just settle.

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