PlayStation Vita boxIf you’re hoping to surf your favorite Flash-based websites on your PlayStation Vita, it looks like you won’t be able to – at least not at launch. The Japanese magazine, Famitsu, recently posted an FAQ for the PlayStation Vita, and in its browser specifications, it doesn’t list Flash support. However it does run Javascript 1.7 and HTML5, which puts the browser on par with what’s available on iOS. While it doesn’t come as a big surprise to many, it’ll be interesting to see Sony’s stance on the web media format, as it could possibly release an update to enable it in the future.

Another interesting thing to note about the Vita is that it won’t have “Game Archives” at launch. That means no PSOne classics or TurboGFX games – at least not until the console gets updated. But if the Vita has a good selection of games at launch, I doubt people will want to play classic games on their new console anyway – at least not right off the bat. Still, let’s hope Sony doesn’t take too long to deliver it.

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