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PlayStation Vita 'Ice Silver' Edition Launched In Asia
Sony has just revealed a new PlayStation gaming console that will be launched in the Asian market. But don’t get too excited because it’s not the PS4. It is, however, a PlayStation Vita gaming console that has been painted in silver. Yes, Sony has showcased the Ice Silver edition PlayStation Vita on its website last week and stated that it will be launching on March 6th. The PlayStation Vita “Ice […]

PlayStation Vita unboxing + hands-on
The PlayStation Vita will be released in the US market on February 22, but one has landed in our office, and we gave it the unboxing and hands-on treatment.  The packaging is classic, nothing new there, but the PlayStation Vita, or PS Vita, is a beautifully crafted device. In my opinion, it looks more “polished” then the PSP ever was.The device fits rather comfortably in my hands and all the […]

First tweet from PlayStation Vita
In life, there is plenty of “firsts” involve – who can forget the first time they kissed a girl, and how about that girlfriend of yours with the first night spent together on a romantic riverside cruise, never mind that both of you are more interested at staring at one another rather than look around and enjoy nature’s luscious surroundings? Well, when it comes to the world of video games, […]

Official PlayStation Vita carrying case gets a 7 minute video
While there’s no denying how important it is to protect your electronics with carry cases and bags, they’re not the most interesting accessories to talk about. Well it seems like Sony thinks otherwise, as the company has released a video clip on YouTube giving a detailed look at the official carrying case for the PlayStation Vita. The video clocks in at close to 8 minutes long, and is in Japanese, […]


Sony PlayStation Vita pre-order goodies detailed
If you want to know what sort of accessories you can get when you purchase the PlayStation Vita, you’re in luck. The folks over at the PlayStation Europe blog have revealed what the folks in the PAL region of the world will be getting when they pre-order the PlayStation Vita. In addition to getting the Vita on launch day, they’ll also receive an exclusive PS Vita Gift Pack with limited […]

Sony UMD Passport program lets you play your old PSP games on the Vita
If you currently own a PSP and have a collection of games that are on UMD discs, we’ve got some good news for you. You’ll be able to play most of those games on the PlayStation Vita when it goes on sale. While the Vita doesn’t have a drive for you to insert your UMD games, Sony will be launching the UMD Passport program that will let you download your […]

Sony PlayStation Vita Early First Edition Bundle announced
For those of you planning to purchase the PlayStation Vita early, the folks at Sony have got some good news for you. If you’d like to own the PlayStation Vita before anybody in the US or Canada (assuming they don’t get one imported from Japan), Sony is giving its loyal fans the chance to do so. Starting today, Vita fans on this side of the world will be able to […]

PlayStation Vita might not have Flash at launch
If you’re hoping to surf your favorite Flash-based websites on your PlayStation Vita, it looks like you won’t be able to – at least not at launch. The Japanese magazine, Famitsu, recently posted an FAQ for the PlayStation Vita, and in its browser specifications, it doesn’t list Flash support. However it does run Javascript 1.7 and HTML5, which puts the browser on par with what’s available on iOS. While it […]

Sony PS Vita cannot use memory cards with internal memory games
Sony continues with their stranglehold on proprietary formats with their up and coming handheld console, the PS Vita. Just what plagues this yet to be released device at the moment? Well, it seems that games specially programmed for your future handheld console will save your progress to an SD card-like external storage, or onto the cartridge itself – and you will not be able to have any other option apart […]

PlayStation Vita arrives at the FCC, casts eye on AT&T
It is rather strange, don’t you think, to see a portable gaming console being made available via a mobile carrier? Well, that is an idea that you certainly need to get used to – especially when Sony has just sent their upcoming handheld console that will take over the PlayStation Portable – the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita for short), that will hit the US next February 22nd alongside Touch My […]

Sony launches PlayStation Vita developer diaries
Now that the official release date for the PlayStation Vita has been announced, what else is there to say about the device? Well, the folks over at Sony have started a new video series called “PSVita Developer Diaries” which lets us know about the creation process of the PlayStation Vita. The first episode “The Genesis” has been released, and is about how the Vita first came about and what went […]

PlayStation Vita can be used as a wireless PlayStation 3 controller
Back at the Tokyo Game Show a few weeks ago, Sony demonstrated the PlayStation Vita being used as a controller for the PlayStation 3 with the game Killzone 3. During the demonstration, this was done over a wired connection, but Sony Worldwide Studios President has come forward with new information, claiming that the Vita will be able to function as a wireless controller when it is finally released. The reason […]

PlayStation Vita 3G downloads limited to 20MB
According to reports online, it looks like Sony will be placing limits on the size of files that can be downloaded with the PlayStation Vita over 3G: a 20MB limit. This means that users won’t be able to download games from the PlayStation store when they’re not connected to WiFi (well, triple A titles at least – I’m sure none of them will be that small). Downloads over 3G will […]

Sony PlayStation Vita originally due for December 3rd
We all know that Sony’s upcoming true successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP), the PlayStation Vita, will be released in Japan on December 17th 2011. But did you know that it was originally planned for an earlier release? According to an interview the company had with Weekly Famitsu (a Japanese gaming site) this week, Sony had originally planned for the Vita to be in stores on December 3.Uncertain that it […]

Sony PlayStation Vita to feature less annoying firmware updates?
One of the great things about today’s video game consoles is the fact that their firmware can be updated to fix bugs, patch holes and introduce new features without you having to buy a new system. One of the bad things about these patches is that you’re sometimes forced to download them in order to keep playing, and when it’s a major update, it might take a long time. For […]

PlayStation Vita will be region free
Great news for people who love playing foreign and imported games on their video game consoles: If you’re planning to purchase the PlayStation Vita, the portable console won’t be region-locked. This means that you’ll be able to play Japanese/European games on your US Vita without any problem. Sony Computer Entertainment’s president of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, recently confirmed that the Vita will be region free in a Tweet response to […]

PlayStation Vita to have external battery pack
It has been previously mentioned that the PlayStation Vita will have only 3-5 hours of battery life under normal gaming conditions – a number less than ideal, especially for hardcore games that don’t want to end up sitting next to a power outlet all day just to get their daily fix of gaming. However, there is a solution in the works. Sony revealed that it is working on an external […]

PlayStation Vita pre-orders climbing steadily on Amazon
If Sony has any worries about its upcoming handheld console not doing well, they’ve got nothing to fear. Judging by the number of pre-orders that Amazon has been receiving for the PlayStation Vita, it looks like Sony has got a hit on its hands. While the console is still months away from arriving (end of year in Japan, early next year in the US) – demand for it has been […]

Sony to unveil 18 unannounced Vita games at the Tokyo Game Show
If you’re excited about the PlayStation Vita and its games, you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for blogs following the Tokyo Game Show which takes place in a couple of weeks time. According to reports online, Sony will be announcing a plethora of games for the upcoming portable console. Including the 13 previously revealed games for the Vita, there will be an additional 18 unknown Vita games […]

PlayStation Vita up for pre-ordering on Amazon and Best Buy
Can’t wait to get your hands on the next generation PlayStation Portable aka the PlayStation Vita? Well, the folks over at Amazon and Best Buy are now more than willing to start collecting your money for the upcoming console. It’s been reported that the two major shopping outlets are now accepting pre-orders for the PlayStation Vita console that’s scheduled to arrive at the end of this year (in Japan at […]