PlayStation Vita
Back at the Tokyo Game Show a few weeks ago, Sony demonstrated the PlayStation Vita being used as a controller for the PlayStation 3 with the game Killzone 3. During the demonstration, this was done over a wired connection, but Sony Worldwide Studios President has come forward with new information, claiming that the Vita will be able to function as a wireless controller when it is finally released. The reason a wire was being used to connect the two consoles together was due to the high volume of people at the event, which might have caused interference which they didn’t want to risk.

The PS Vita remote support will be released via an update released in December, though there’s no word of when games that support the functionality will be released. Kinda reminds you of the Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U right? Except that Sony will be able to accomplish it with its current generation PlayStation – all users need to purchase is the Vita, which could potentially be disruptive to the attractiveness of Nintendo’s upcoming console. What do you think?

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