Siine WriterThere are so many different types of keyboards available on the market right now, and beyond being more accurate, user-friendly, attractive-looking, how does one make a keyboard stand out from the competition? Well, the folks over at Siine have decided to come up with a new keyboard called Siine Writer, that lets users write messages with more than just predictive text on the keyboard. It makes use of an icon-based system called Siines (signs).

By tapping the various icons on the keyboard, users can quickly and easily form words and sentences without having to waste time typing them out letter by letter. Tapping the same Siines again gives you another way to say the same thing (so your messages don’t have to sound the same all the time). When there are no Siines for what you want to say, there’s the option of bringing up the regular keyboard (that has predictive text) for you to type out words manually.

Judging by the demo video, I gotta say it does look interesting and could possibly be faster than regular typing – if you use a lot of the words that can be written with signs. But you’ll definitely need to relearn how you write a message using it. Check it out for yourself on the Android Market (free) or watch the demonstration video:

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