You might have that tough guy image of a biker with your Harley, but even the manliest of Hell’s Angels will still writhe in agony and pain should the stomach bug hit him – hard. Well, Toto is offering a chopper that has a slightly different agenda – it allows you to bring the toilet with you wherever you go in the form of the Toilet Bike Neo. What makes this bike different from the rest is the fact that it is powered by nothing but human waste. Yes sir, yesterday’s processed lunch and dinner will get you places, thanks to the biogas converted from feces that is harvested straight from the rider.

I did a double check of the calendar and realized that it isn’t April 1st – but then again, one does not need to wait for that day to come up with a gag. (Un)Fortunately, the Toilet Bike Neo is not a joke, even when you notice it has a toilet-styled seat that seems far more uncomfortable than functional.

Heck, this unique bike can even talk just like many of the new toilets equipped with Toto’s wares. Only in Japan, I guess. To make sure that this is not a flash in a pan, the talking and music playing bike will be heading off on a 600 mile cross-country tour of Japan from October 6th onwards. I wonder how much fruits and vegetables the rider’s got to consume to power his ride at that distance.

Update (08/29/12): This bike will be powered by animal waste, so you need not start gorging on those greens to get it rollin’ down the 101. Best to bring along a labrador or a St. Bernard with you, as those are definitely eating and pooping machines, biologically speaking.

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