UPcloadShopping online from the comfort of your own home definitely has its merits (no jams, queues, or even the need to leave the house) but when it comes to clothes, one of the biggest problems faced by people is getting clothes that fit perfectly. There doesn’t seem to be a fixed standard for a lot of items – a medium in one store can be the different size as medium in another, so it’s hard to get something that’s just right.

Well, a new start up called UPcload aims to solve that problem. Unlike Bodymetrics’ scanner which requires you to visit a shop, UPcload works in your own house. UPcload has developed a system that can determine your measurements over the internet – all you need is a working webcam and a CD. To get it to work, all you have to do is stand in front of your webcam, hold the CD in front of you, and you’re set.

By comparing your body with the CD, UPcload can figure out your measurements – it’s that simple. After saving your measurement profile online, you’re good to go. UPcload has partnered with a number of stores that give UPcload information about the items it has one sale, which can then be matched up with your profile and recommended for you. According to preliminary testing by the folks at TechCrunch, the service is said to be promising though you can try it out for yourself. The service is now being tested with The North Face, and if things go well, you can expect more stores to hop onboard.

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