Companies that go green these days tend to gain the thumbs up from the general public, and Verizon Wireless is one of them by adding another 13 Ford cargo vans to their Florida fleet. Hopefully it isn’t a bad omen of sorts (the number 13), but all the 13 Ford cargo vans have been converted to run on compressed natural gas in order to meet the company’s goal to have up to 7.5% of its national fleet run on alternative energy before the year is over.

According to Jeanmarie Milla, Verizon’s Florida region president for operations, “At Verizon, we’re making our business more sustainable year over year, from developing smarter products and services to the cutting down of paper usage to using greener vehicles to serve customers. We are very happy that Florida is playing a role in our national efforts to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, and we view the addition of these vans as a good start down the road to a much more energy-efficient fleet.”

Not only that, Verizon also expanded their Florida fleet by another 20 hybrid vehicles, boosting the number of Chevy hybrid pickup trucks to over 600 now, in addition to hybrid sedans and hybrid aerial-lift trucks. A green mobile company – now if only they offered more biodegradable phones on their shopping list… [Press Release]

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