Since we have smart cars, smart fridges and smartphones, why not smart homes? I’m quite sure that this idea has been played with for quite some time already, but that doesn’t mean it has been exhausted by any means. For those of you living in areas where rainfall is all too frequent – or more frequent than you would have liked, perhaps you might want to move elsewhere – or look into the possibility of a smart home? We’re talking about wireless window sensors that will be able to know whether rain is falling, closing your windows so that the insides of your abode will not end up soaking wet.


According to Gerd vom Bogel, a scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems in Germany and lead researcher on the project, “Our wireless window contacts draw all their energy from ambient radio signals.” This new system’s sensors will obtain its “tasks” from wireless radio signals that are sent out by controllers in each room. These room controllers will not only deliver juice to the window contacts, it will also collect data from them while performing a transmission of all the status of each room’s windows to a central device.

This central device will then rely on a wireless Internet connection that transmits the information to a homeowner’s notebook or smartphone. This might just make future smart homes much more fun to live in, don’t you think so?

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