Amazon/Seesaw LLC Fire trademark filingBack in October, Amazon was reported to have used a company name Seesaw LLC to file trademark applications for Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk. A few months ago, those names turned out to be real products when the Kindle Fire tablet with the Amazon Silk browser was officially launched by the company.

Today, it’s been reported that Seesaw LLC has filed more trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, but this time for the name “Fire” (without the Kindle prefix). The filings include a range of goods and services including: “Portable and handheld electronic devices, printed publications, retail store services, on-line retail store services, handheld unit for playing electronic games, social networking services and much more.”

Other than the name “Fire”, and the possibility of what it could be, we have no other clues to what it’s going to be. For all we know, Amazon/Seesaw LLC could have just filed for the trademark just to protect the Kindle Fire brand.

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