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Colossus Was The Robot Deployed By Paris Firefighters To Save Notre Dame
Paris firefighters faced a mammoth task in trying to contain the Notre Dame fire which burned down the roof and destroyed the spire. The fire did destroy invaluable parts of the cathedral but the firefighters were able to save many of the treasures inside. They also prevented the fire from damaging the entire structure. For this purpose, they deployed a 1,100 pound remote controlled robot called Colossus.

iPad Explodes In Vodafone Store Causing Evacuation
With gadgets that are fitted with batteries, you always run into the risk of those batteries not playing nice, and ultimately deciding to malfunction in a number of ways. The most “popular” method is simply blowing up, often times bursting into flames. It seems like this kind of unfortunate circumstance has once again happened, this time, to a demo iPad in Australia.

Safeflame Torch Creates Fire Only From Water
When you think of fire, the only way water is thrown into the equation is in order to help control the blazing inferno in hopes to extinguish it. But scientist have invented a new welding flame that is comprised entirely of water as it’s main fuel source. The Safeflame has the ability to split water into oxygen and hydrogen to then recombine them outside of the torch’s mouth in order […]

Harness The Power Of Fire To Recharge Your Phone With FlameStower
Recharging your smartphone or tablet while you’re out and about can be quite challenging, although if you have a backup battery pack with you, things tend to be a little easier. But what if your backup battery runs out while you’re out in the wilderness with nothing on you besides a pair of tighty-whities, a lighter and a smartphone with a dead battery? Then you better hope you find a […]


Man Puts Giant Flamethrower On Mobility Scooter For The Heck Of It
If you’ve made a trip down to your local Walmart, you’ll know just how harmless scooters can be so long as the person riding it isn’t making their way to the last box of Cookie Crisp. Scooters have increased in popularity as senior citizens and disabled people have relied on them to make their way through the world, which is why we’re not entirely sure why someone went through the […]

FireWriter, The Inkjet Printer That Prints With Fire
Many people have a disdain for inkjet printers, they believe that they are annoying. As it turns out, it is indeed possible to turn annoying things in to interesting machinery. Meet FireWriter 1.0, an inkjet printer that prints using actual fire. Called a graphic butane/propane torch printer built with Processing and Arduino, it is made from a hacked inkjet printer controller via an Arduino Uno. The fire bit is provided by […]

Apple Maps Blamed for Poor Bushfire Response in Australia
The Country Fire Authority of Victoria (CFA), Australia, is blaming Apple Maps inaccurate mapping issues in its FireReady app. Officials are stuck with using Apple Maps for FireReady on iPhones and iPads. A large number of towns including Macedon are located incorrectly, due to inaccuracies in the app. This makes the job of finding the exact location of bushfires very difficult.To shed some context, there is a Google Maps, but […]

Amazon Fire spin-off in the works?
Back in October, Amazon was reported to have used a company name Seesaw LLC to file trademark applications for Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk. A few months ago, those names turned out to be real products when the Kindle Fire tablet with the Amazon Silk browser was officially launched by the company.Today, it’s been reported that Seesaw LLC has filed more trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, […]

Another fire at Foxconn, no casualties reported
If there’s one manufacturing plant that can’t seem to get enough of the press, it’s got to be Foxconn. Famous for manufacturing the iPhone and the iPad, but at the same time it is infamous for its workers’ harsh working conditions, explosions and suicides. Today, Foxconn has made its way to the news again. Earlier this morning, the plant in Shandong, eastern China was reported to be on fire.Fortunately it […]

Amazon Kindle Fire heats up the tablet scene
Remember when we brought you word last week that Amazon will be holding a press conference that will be held this Wednesday, with many people and sites speculating that this is where the new Amazon tablet is announced? Here is more information for the Kindle faithful – it seems that Amazon has named their upcoming device as the Amazon Kindle Fire.Of course, others did call it the Kindle Tab before, […]

Motorola launches XT316 Android smartphone
Motorola has announced the launch of a new Android handset called the Motorola XT316 – also known as the Motorola Fire and Motorola Spice (depending on the region where it’s sold). The phone will feature a candy bar form factor and a full QWERTY keyboard, reminiscent of the BlackBerry. It features a 2.8″ display and will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (with MotoBLUR of course).The Motorola XT316 also features Moto […]

FireText smoke alarm will automatically text up to four numbers during an emergency
Smoke alarms are both a blessing and a curse. A curse when you’re cooking or toasting bread, and the minute your culinary creation gets slightly burnt, there goes the alarm. Jokes aside, smoke alarms can be lifesavers, notifying us in our sleep the minute smoke is detected, giving us time to quickly assess the situation and make a decision. However, there are times when you are out of the house, […]

Fire breaks out in an Intel plant, Arizona
Following the explosion that happened in Foxconn China a few weeks ago, another accident has broken out in a manufacturing plant – this time all the way on the other side of the world in an Intel plant in Arizona. The fire broke out earlier today in a support building next to an Intel fabrication facility. Fortunately only seven people were injured, with nobody killed. Only five had to go […]

New ray gun puts out fires
A group of chemists have managed to come together to cobble a device which is touted to be able to put out fires, where it can also function as an alternative for firefighters whenever they do not have any water or foam in the vicinity. In fact, the firefighters are even able to point the device at a fire in order to open up a safe path through the flaming […]