By launching its 16-Core Opteron processor, AMD makes history. It introduces the first 16-Core CPU running on the X86 micro-architecture. Based on the most recent AMD core design called “Bulldozer”, the Opteron 6200 is expected to run 25%-30% faster than its predecessor, which has 12 Cores. Those official numbers should be accurate if Opteron 6200 works on a task that lends itself to using multiple cores.

Fortunately, this processor is designed for servers, which typically run many independent tasks simultaneously. This chip may also be of particular interest to companies that want to build supercomputers which handle scientific computations.

The AMD Opteron 6200 is a family of chips (6262 HE, 6272, 6274, 6276, 6282 SE) that spans across different pricing segments as its price range from about $500 to $1000. In terms of performance, each core can run at between 1.6GHz and 2.6GHz

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