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How to Install Memcached On Windows
While doing some web development, I needed to have Memcached (source code) installed on my local machine to closely simulate what was going on my server. I develop under windows, and realized that installing meme Memcached isn’t as straightforward as it is on Linux. There are actually quite a few people who ask about how to do it, so I’ll give you a couple of good options. Here’s how to […]

AWS Server Issues Affect Instagram, Vine, Airbnb And IFTTT
It seems that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has run into a bunch of issues, which would mean folks who wanted to spend the rest of today checking things out on Instagram or Vine in a leisurely manner would have had a rather rocky road to walk. Both services were apparently offline for more than an hour, and Instagram was the first between the two to acknowledge its issues on Twitter, […]

AMD Opteron 6200 CPU Has 16 Cores
By launching its 16-Core Opteron processor, AMD makes history. It introduces the first 16-Core CPU running on the X86 micro-architecture. Based on the most recent AMD core design called “Bulldozer”, the Opteron 6200 is expected to run 25%-30% faster than its predecessor, which has 12 Cores. Those official numbers should be accurate if Opteron 6200 works on a task that lends itself to using multiple cores.Fortunately, this processor is designed […]

Calxeda ARM-based HP Server Creates Media Wave of... Fluff
HP is currently testing servers based on an ARM architecture, which is basically the same stuff that runs applications on your phones and tablets. The idea is that these little chips use much less power than traditional processors like those of Intel and AMD. Because they use less power, they also require less cooling – and when you know that energy consumption and cooling are among the biggest issues that […]


Latest Windows patch fixes critical holes in Windows Server and Microsoft Office
In a patch released today, Microsoft has fixed a critical hole in Windows in addition to two less serious holes in Microsoft Office. There was a vulnerability in the Windows Internet Name Service that “could allow remote code execution if a user received specially crafted malware on an affected system running the WINS service.”The hole only exists in Windows Server 2003 and 2008, which fortunately isn’t the choice of operating […]

Sony Online Entertainment taken offline
Somebody needs to give Sony a break. After being attacked over a week ago, and only just starting to recover, Sony has a bout of bad news again. This time it isn’t the Sony PlayStation Network, but the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) servers. The SOE servers were taken down earlier this morning, with Sony citing it was due to an intrusion.Now, it has been reported that personal details and about […]

Windows Home Server 2011 Release Candidate
Microsoft has announced that its Windows Home Server 2011 (aka Vail) has reached Release Candidate status, which means that Microsoft thinks that it is stable enough to be a product. The company will test it, and unless major bugs are found, the product will then go to the next stage. Windows Home Server (WHS) is a special version of Windows that has been designed for file server appliances based on […]

Microsoft wants Intel to develop a 16-core Atom chip
According to some reports, Microsoft is pushing Intel into developing 16-core Atom chips for their server farms. Microsoft’s data servers are currently powered by Intel Xeon server-class chips. While the Xeon processors are fast enough to power their servers, they consume a lot of power and generate a lot of heat  and these problems are a real headache when you have tens of thousands of servers. A 16-core Atom chip […]

AOL Mail is down
According to the latest reports from CNet, AOL Mail is suffering from some issues that prevent users from logging onto their accounts. When it first started, AOL pointed out that it was a scheduled maintenance that took longer than expected, and that only a handful of users would be affected – some wouldn’t be able to log in, while some people wouldn’t be able to see their newer messages. The […]

SeaMicro server can hold 512 Intel Atom processors
SeaMicro’s latest server architecture breaks new ground as it can now hold a whopping 512 Intel Atom processors in a 10U rack mount space, where it is hoped that this move will reduce data center power and space requirements by up to a whopping 75%. Known as the new SM10000 server, it merges the aforementioned 512 Intel Atom processors, Gbit and 10-Gbit Ethernet, alongside software for management and load-balancing into […]

iPad 3G Overwhelms Vodafone UK's Activation Server
Good news and bad news for iPad fans in the UK. The good news is that you can purchase the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G; the bad news is that the sheer number of these devices have taken down the activation server of Vodafone UK. Reports are in that the Vodafone call center has confirmed to clients that the service has been down for a few hours, and they haven’t […]

HP Thinks That Cows Could Power Server Farms
While most people wouldn’t want to have anything to do with cow manure, the folks over at HP have taken a special interest in it. Why is HP busy checking out dairy cows? Turns out that they think that they could turn manure into fuel. Cow manure is full of biogas, and with the right equipment, methane can be extracted. According to some interesting calculations, the average cow makes enough […]

Google Server seen in China
Some of us might have laid our eyes on the Google Server, but here is something that most of us would have missed – a Google Server which is vastly different from what it usually looks like, being a customized 2U server with 8 DIMM slots and a Google logo that can be seen clearly on both the memory and the BIOS boot screen, alongside the word “Gigabyte” which so […]

Kuro Sheeva mini server
The Kuro Sheeva is roughly the size of an AC adapter, measuring a mere 96.5mm x 110mm x 48.5mm, and can function as a server if you like. Running on a 1.2GHz ARM processor, it is equipped with 512MB RAM as well as an equivalent amount in terms of internal memory. Connectivity options include eSATA, USB and Gigabit Ethernet. It will come pre-installed with Ubuntu 9.0.4.