Here is a labor of love that should not go unnoticed – this particular Gundam fan certainly went above and beyond the call of duty by creating his very own Gundam – one that measures around 7 feet in height, and the fact that it is a papercraft model makes it all the more impressive. Taras Lesko, who prefers to be known by his handle Visual Splicer, recreated a die-cast model of a mobile suit through the use of a 3D application, where he subsequently printed out over 1,250 parts using hundreds of sheets of paper. Hopefully these are recycled paper for a greener Gundam! As the entire model tips the scales at around 10 lbs, Lesko needed to build a foamboard skeleton so that the entire model will remain upright during the “construction” phase. Needless to say, this is one of the more impressive papercraft models to date, where it took up around 350 hours of Taras’ life in the process.

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